HP Laserjet 4000N Horizontal banding

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 21:37 26 Jun 2003

Hi all,

I recently got a HP Laserjet 4000N second hand off a friend, however on every sheet that prints out, it has grey bands running horizontally across the page at 9.4cm intervals. I have looked on the HP site and 9.4 is the drum circumference, so they are getting put on once every rotation. My question is in two parts, firstly is there any way to solve this problem and continue using the current toner cartridge. If not, will simply replacing the cartridge with a new one solve the problem?


Peter N

No, replacing the toner will not solve the problem, but the good news is that you will be able to carry on using the toner!

The Drum has come to the end of its life and is a different component to the toner cartridge. Replacements are not that cheap, but cheaper than a new printer and will basically give you everything in terms of quality that a brand new printer would. They should also last for tens of thousands of pages so a new one now will serve you well for a good deal of time.

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 22:22 26 Jun 2003

Which part is the drum, as there is a green bit which must'nt be exposed to light within the toner cartridge assembly, this contacts with the transfer roller. Surely this is the drum? Also knowing hp injets, you replace the print head along with the ink? Can someone confirm either way please

It may be the Toner cartridge after all click here
and scroll down.

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 16:07 27 Jun 2003

Thanks Smiffy99.

Is there anything i could do to fix the problem - i presume not, also i inspected the whole of the drum and could't seem to find any problems with it??

Thanks In Advance


  Macro Kid - (Java script) 21:10 21 Aug 2003

I went and got a new toner, and now it all works fine so the problem is solved, but not resolved.

Thanks for your help everyone

Peter Newman

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