HP LaserJet 4 not printing

  nethy 15:22 11 Apr 2003

I think I might have worded my last request for help too loosely. I've been trying to print out on a HP LaserJet 4 to no avail. I've got the correct driver set up. Cables are OK, online etc.
It still does not produce a test sheet on request or anything else. It just flashes the words "PC LOAD LETTER". There is plenty of paper in both drawers. I've been into the print manager and tried to change "LETTER" to "A4" but it has not made a difference. I get the feeling the answer lies somewhere in the driver but I've run out of options. Any ideas?

  -pops- 15:28 11 Apr 2003

Even though you have the correct driver, it may be corrupt. Try removing the printer drivers and other software and re-installing. Do this from Printers on the Start, Programs menu.


  Sir Radfordin™ 15:48 11 Apr 2003

Oh how I love these printers. They really are a pain to set up.

A quick guide.

Delete the printer from any computer that has it.

Download the PCL5e driver from the HP website (click here)

Install and print a test page just to check its ok.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:50 11 Apr 2003

Sorry didn't mean to post that on its own!

Once you have done that you need to set up the printer.

Go to the menu on the printer and make sure you've got the paper options for all the trays set to A4 Plain and NOTHING else.

You should now be able to print without problems. If you still have a problem check those settings again!

Normally if its says load a different paper type pressing the go/continue button will overide it.

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