HP Laserjet 1100 feeding multiple sheets

  GrahamP 16:25 08 Feb 2004

I've noted some of the previous threads in this area click here in particular and I think I've pursued all the available leads. I've also followed all the advice I can find on the HP site.

The printer has started misfeeding, two or more sheets at a time, using paper that up till now has fed successfully. Both the paper and the environment meet HP's specifications.

I've performed all the cleaning procedures in the user guide to no avail.

It looks very much like either the feed rollers need cleaned or that something in this area has come adrift.

My particular problem is in disassembling the printer to reach the paper feed rollers. If anyone has any advice on how to do this on the 1100 I'd be very grateful.


  GrahamP 17:12 08 Feb 2004

Removing the toner cartridge revealed two white plastic brackets supporting the main D-shaped feed roller. I detached these and released the roller. It was a bit shiny on the business (fat) side so I cleaned it and removed and replaced the rubber covering to present the unused side. I had great hopes at this point but re-assembling and printing produced the same results.

Next? Looks like a 2 inch by half inch pressure plate is not pressing adequately on the roller. The spring might have weakened.

All advice/encouragement welcomed.

  AubreyS 17:39 08 Feb 2004

Hi Graham.

There should be whats know as a seperator. You should find this somewhere pushing down on the leading edge of the paper in the centre. Sometimes its a small piece of rubber or cork that becomes worn. You can roughen in slighly with a piece of fine glass paper or wire wool.

  GrahamP 18:00 08 Feb 2004

Thanks for replying. I know what you mean I have just such a cork strip on my usual printer, an HP Deskjet 610C. I can't see anything similar on the 1100. In fact where it might be is this spring loaded plate which is very shiny and certainly won't act as a separator. I wonder if something has become detached.

  GrahamP 21:07 08 Feb 2004

Discovered a host of references to this problem on the HP forum click here for an example. Apparently HP supplied a free kit to replace the separator pad but discontinued this in October 2003.

I've found a few suppliers in the UK but click here was the cheapest

  AubreyS 21:36 08 Feb 2004

You could try stetching the spring slightly to put more pressure on the plate. Is the plate metal or rubber? Also clean the rollers up with a solvent, NOT one that dissolves rubber though!

Good luck. I'm gonna pour myself a beer. ;-)

  piddletrenthide 22:56 08 Feb 2004

This site has a definitive and inexpensive solution. They deliver quicker than average UK mail times.

click here

  PanMan 01:10 09 Feb 2004

When I had an 1100 I found that keeping plenty of paper in it seemed to help. The kit was available then and this cured the problem for a long time but sorry I cant remeber now what was in the kit. The main lesson I learned because all models of HP vertical paper feed did the same thing eventually was by a machine with horizontal paper feed

I picked up three of htese printers from University when they threw them out for just this problem. As you say, HP did a kit to "repair" it and it is simply a small adhesive pad fixed onto a cardboard tube that you insert into the paper path and remove the cardboard - this leaves the pad in place which is a "new" seperator pad. Had myself three printers for the price of an email to order the kit!!!

Not much good for you though so I would still ask HP if they have any kicking around that they could send you. I also know a local guy who specialises in repair of HP printers - he is about to buy my Laserjet 1200 from me (unless I can tempt you????) so I will ask him if he has any.

  GrahamP 19:19 12 Feb 2004

piddletrenthide - yes I'd seen that one and had originally dismissed it hoping to find something in the UK. So thanks for the info about speed of delivery.

Panman - I suspect you're right about vertical feed. Stands to reason that gravity will attempt to send multiple sheets through

AubreyS, Smiffy99 & everyone - scoured the net and found click here could supply a paper feed replacement kit overnight for less than £15 inc VAT and p&p. This doesn't seem to be the same as the HP freebie because I will definitely need to disassemble the machine to install it.

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