HP Laserjet 1000

  kimtrnc 11:27 31 Mar 2011

My good old workhorse has decided not to play. Yes, it is old, but loved ...especially as I still have 3 very expensive toner cartridges which need to pay their way. I've tried the expected things - unplug cable, unplug USB, change USB port. Every time it fails. Now I know I am very mean, and have had this dear old printer for many years - but can I bring it back to life? What do you think?

  northumbria61 16:29 31 Mar 2011

Check in Device Manager for any yellow exclamation marks against your printer - should be listed under USB Controllers - you may be in need of a driver update.

  BRYNIT 17:47 31 Mar 2011


Reading through your thread I can not find any information on what problems you are having with your HP 1000 printer.

Decided not to play or every time it fails does not help us help you. A little more information on any error messages or what the problem you are having may get more answers.

  kimtrnc 18:26 31 Mar 2011

My HP laserjet 1000 does not work - what else can I say? There are no error messages.

BTW, it still works very well under the awful Win 7 and used to work under XP. That's all I can tell you

  northumbria61 19:14 31 Mar 2011

"BTW, it still works very well under the awful Win 7 and used to work under XP"

I think you are confusing both BRYNIT and myself here.

Which OS are you trying to get it to work with - have you 2 computers - ie. 1 with XP and 1 with Win.7 or dual booting ?

  northumbria61 19:18 31 Mar 2011

It works well in Windows 7 because it uses Windows Generic Driver not a HP driver. It is a feature of Win7.

  kimtrnc 19:28 31 Mar 2011

I think I got a little confused with my expanation. I have just one computer, which is dual boot, one XP partition (fairly new) and one long term Win 7 partition.
I should have said I have been using one single Win7 install and have now begun moving things to a new XP partition.
I have now begun transferring everything onto the XP partition, with a view to dumping 7 as soon as I have transferred all data and programs which I still want.
Have to say I have had to fight Win 7, particularly with my Laserjet, which HP no longer support. I finally got it working successfully on 7, but now it has given up again, which I believe MAY be connected to the delicate Laserjet software

  northumbria61 19:58 31 Mar 2011

Are you sure you are doing the right thing by going back to XP ? Support for XP (SP2) has already ended (July 13th 2010) so I am hoping you have SP3 installed.

You will have to reinstall your HP driver for your printer to work on XP. - Win7 drivers are not compatible with XP drivers.

My personal opinion is that going back to XP is a backward step - Windows 7 is different, takes a little getting used to but certainly the way forward - but it is personal choice I suppose.

  kimtrnc 20:42 31 Mar 2011

Thanks, yes i do have SP3. And I did get the Laserjet running on Win 7 for at least a year. It just decided not to play anymore. Thanks for your help, anyway. For what it's worth, I will NEVER use an HP product again. They refused to issue a Win 7 driver for the Laserjet 1000, and hundreds and hundreds of people had to dump a perfectly good laser printer for lack of an HP driver.....
End of rant.
Thanks for your advice
Think I will buy a Brother laser instead.....

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