HP Laser prints with dirty marks.

  kjrider 10:45 14 Dec 2007

Hi there,

I have just got hold of an old HP Laserjet 4M Plus printer and wondering what to do.

When it prints there are dirty grey strip, from 1 to 5 cms wide, marks that run on the paper from top to bottom, over most of the sheet. Also it says the toner is low.

Is there anything I can do to clean it up, etc.

Is it worth getting a new toner cartridge?

Hopefully someone knows something about these machines.


  MAJ 10:47 14 Dec 2007

Sounds like the little rubber rollers that feed the paper are dirty. If you can get to them, try cleaning them.

  Jasper1973 11:27 14 Dec 2007

I agree that the rubber rollers could be the problem, but as the printer is old it could be the drum which on this model it part of the toner unit.
Suggest running a cleaning cycle and see if that helps at all.
Replacing the toner cartridge would be worth while too, as if it says its is low it will need replacing soon anyway - however I work for a Stationery Supplies company ans I can tell you they are not cheap!!! Expect to pay over £100.

  Taff™ 11:27 14 Dec 2007

Having a bad day! XP Pro on a laptop and attempting a repair installation (Not Recovery Console) but the existing XP installation on the only partition isn`t being recognised so I don`t actually get the repair option.

I`ve tried the method described by Michael Stevens click here but when I get to the part

"(two other files needed - just in case)
1. Type: attrib -h -r -s C:\boot.ini del C:\boot.ini
2. Type: BootCfg /Rebuild"

It fails - possibly an error in the commands? I`ve done this successfully before with similar instuctions but can`t seem to find them. If I remember rightly they were slightly longer. Anyone help here?

  Taff™ 11:29 14 Dec 2007

Meant to start a new thread - told you I was having a bad day!

MAJ`s answer is definately the right one though, I`ve got one of those lasers somewhere and that cured it.

  kjrider 11:55 14 Dec 2007

Hi Jasper and others,

Thanks for the advice. I haven't got a manual, so how do I do a cleaning cycle? There is a 'menu' button, but I can't seem to see any menu, and on the PC printer bit it just has paper sizes, etc.

Looking on Ebay, the cartridges seem to be about £10 - £15.


  Jasper1973 11:59 14 Dec 2007

Not sure where you can get them for that price but do please tell me!!

You can download manuals from click here

Search for manuals and then enter the model - hope that helps.

  Taff™ 12:44 14 Dec 2007

Choice Stationery for one! click here

  Jasper1973 15:38 14 Dec 2007

Ahhhhh they are compatible carts not original HP - Probably nothing wrong with them though, they are much better than they used to be back in the dark ages!!

  kjrider 15:42 14 Dec 2007

Thanks for all the help. The manual from HP only tells you how to operate the printer. I see people are selling the service manual on a CD on Ebay for a few quid, which is what I could do with.

Will let you know how it goes. I was thinking of refilling the cartridge, but if it is making grey streaks on the paper, i don't think it would be much good.


  woodchip 15:44 14 Dec 2007

Sounds like a Faulty Tone Drum, I think you need to replace it

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