Hp laptop recovery disc

  ellie82 13:58 19 May 2008


I have a HP laptop Compaq nx6325, its hardrive failed, so I have purchased a new one, which is installed. I have tried to boot from the hp recovery disc which was created when the computer was first set up. The trouble is the PC cannot boot from it. It just seems to go round in a loop. i had managed to get the computer to boot from it before the new HD failed.

Any ideas on why it wont boot from this disc? i put another computers boot disc in just to see if it would boot,it did.(I didnt let it continue as I know you arent meant to do this for licensing reasons etc.)

What are my options now in terms of getting this to boot from the dvd? can i just make a copy and se if that works? if it doesnt what is my next step?

many thanks

  johndrew 14:15 19 May 2008

`.. hp recovery disc which was created when the computer was first set up.`

Is this a disk that was supplied by HP or one that you made yourself? If the CD isn`t burned as bootable it wont work.

HP were slated recently (if my memory is right) for not supplying recovery media with their laptops, so if you contact them they should provide you with a recovery disk free of charge.

For the future I suggest you get a copy of Acronis True Image, or similar, and keep a full, validated backup on an external drive. That way if you do have a hard drive failure you can simply boot from the Acronis disk and reinstate the drive from the backup.

  ellie82 14:21 19 May 2008



These were the discs I made myself when I got the system, I didnt have any supplied with the system.

I am thinking maybe the disc is damaged, how would i copy the disc to make it bootable? I have dells sonic dvd burner.if seems to offer bootable only for floppy?

  Quiller. 14:32 19 May 2008

It will be because you have changed the hard drive.

The old hard drive will have a code that the cdrom would have to match to start the installation, they call it a tattoo. These must sync for the disk to start. Most compaq recovery disks will work on most compaq or HP notebooks, as long as the operating systems are the same.

Your best bet is to use the other disk "i put another computers boot disc in" and use your compaq licence code to activate it. That way you will have a legal copy.

  johndrew 14:41 19 May 2008

I have never tried (or needed to do this) so I have no idea if it will work for the content of your CD. You will need another PC with Nero or similar and the content of the CD you have. In case it all goes wrong make certain you have a good copy of the data on the disk.

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  Ditch999 14:51 19 May 2008

HP have a special section written in the boot record which runs the recovery software and allows you to use your recovery disc set. If you dont have the section in the boot record then the recovery CD/DVD wont work.

  Ditch999 14:56 19 May 2008

You did press F11 as soon as you switched the laptop on? Here is a link to HPs How to.. re Recovery Manager click here There is also a link to order the Original CD with the OS from HP.

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