HP laptop - rapid battery discharge.

  Daibus 10:58 24 Apr 2009

My HP laptop is about 3 years old but now the battery does not hold it's charge.

After a full charge and showing 100% the battery quickly drains away and just now after the laptop being booted up for around 20 minutes, it is already down to indicating only 18% left from the recharge.

Does this mean that the battery is on it's way out or could there be another reason for the rapid discharge?

Many thanks.

  provider 2 11:03 24 Apr 2009

HP battery diagnostics: click here

  kindly 11:27 24 Apr 2009

I have a HP laptop. It is about the same age. Although my battery lasts longer than yours, (2 hours on normal brousing) it is not good enough. The thing is that when you buy a laptop you only get a basic sized battery.
Have a look at the size in power output of your old one. Then do a search on google for a bigger one. They are not that expensive really. I am going to get a new one in the next couple months because I am using it more. Three years is not a bad time for a battery to last if you use it all the time. If you can work with the screen less bright, then turn it down a bit and if you are just using it for computer work and not the net, then turn off the RF and you will find it lasts a bit longer.
Hope this helps a bit.

  Daibus 12:47 24 Apr 2009

Many thanks for your replies.

The link that you sent me providor 2 was very helpful and I downloaded the battery tester from HP and it told me that my battery was faulty and gave me an ID number saying that it may be under warranty. Any ideas or opinions on that before I begin to pursue, keeping the age of the laptop in mind?

I take your advice onboard kindly. I normally use my laptop electrically connected but sometimes I leave the battery in, however I have only intermittently used the battery to power the laptop so maybe it has indeed failed prematurely - I don't know?

  provider 2 13:09 24 Apr 2009


Glad to hear the tester worked all right. HP claims it`s 99% accurate and I don`t think there is any reason to doubt that.

Battery life depends on operating conditions and individual usage so there is no general rule. HP does link you to another of their pages with suggestions on how to optimise battery life.

With regard to possible replacement under warranty, it seems unlikely that after three years they would do that but it`s worth a try if they are offering. Perhaps they know something about a particular batch number that users don`t, if you see what I mean.

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