hp laptop memory upgrade problem

  styven 10:11 01 Apr 2007


I have installed some new memory in my HP NX6310 laptop.

It comes with 256mb and I have added another 512mb.

Crucial CT6464AC53E, 512mb 200pin sodimm 64m x 64 DDR2 PC2-4200

The specs of the new memory matches the original, but when I boot the laptop I get to a screen that says there has been a configuration change and shows the new amount of memory.
I am given the following options............

F1 to save
F2 to ignore
F10 to go to computer set up

No matter which of these press nothing further happens.

If I take out the memory, the laptop boots up as normal.

Any ideas anyone?


  J B 11:16 01 Apr 2007

This may be wrong but I seem to remember that when you upgrade memory you should do so in matched pairs ie. 256x2 512x2 and so on. J.B.

  kalstras 13:36 01 Apr 2007

Yes usually that is correct. You should put the higher of the two memory chips, in this case the 512MB should go in the slot that the 256 was in then put the 256 in the other. Also does your computer start normallyt with just the 512 chip in it?

  styven 14:51 01 Apr 2007


Thank you for your responses.

I don't know if this is unique to this laptop, but the original ram is not easily accessible, there is one available slot under a panel on the bottom of the laptop to enable you to add more ram.

As it stands I am not in a position to test the 512 on it's own, if I could i would have done that before I posted.

I have never had a problem with different make ram in the same computer.


  styven 15:29 01 Apr 2007

Out of interest I tried this memory in my wife's laptop, bearing in mind it is exactly the same, bought at the same time.

The memory slot in mine is black, hers is white!
Memory is detected and working.

Needless to say i swapped the hard drives over,
She'll never know.


  tobyb121 23:46 12 Apr 2007

I am also looking to upgrade the ram on compaq nx6310. I was trying to find which was compatable, but when I used the kingston online memory finder it gave me various pc2-4200 chips, but when I used the critcal site it gave me pc2-4200 but also 5700 as well, do you know what the difference is and if it is right that both are compatable with my laptop.
thanks tobyb

  styven 19:53 13 Apr 2007

My laptop is a lower spec nx6310 with a celeronM 1.46ghz and the intel 945 chipset.

I fitted extra memory as described above, but please note that it worked in one laptop and not the other and as mentioned they are the same except for the memory card slot.

Hope that helps.

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