HP Laptop hard to switch on,it switches off

  prince midas 10:25 16 Sep 2009

My HP Laptop which is now 6 months old as always been difficult to switch on.
When I press rhe On power button I must hold it down for approx 6 secs.If I hold it down for 7 or 8 secs it swiches off.
If I old it down for 5 or less secs it switches off.Obviously the times are approx so I just count 1,2,3,4,5.6 and let go.It is a pain but is this a fault or just an accepted bug on the laptop.Should I live with it or send it back for repair which seems a drag.Comments please.

  birdface 11:12 16 Sep 2009

It is still under warranty i would take it back for repair.
My granddaughter had problems with keys falling off of her laptop and they came and collected it and it was back within 5 days.Obviously your problems may take a bit longer, but no use putting up with your problem when you can get it fixed.

  mooly 11:38 16 Sep 2009

If it's a case of just holding the button, and you are not physically pressing the switch and PCB (thinking intermitant connection, broken print etc) then it souunds like a software problem... BIOS maybe. Perhaps check with HP, sure they must have some online support available.

  prince midas 13:47 17 Sep 2009

HP have sent me a new Bios update which appears to work.

  mooly 17:25 17 Sep 2009

Excellent :)

  woodchip 17:43 17 Sep 2009

Have you been in touch with HP? I have a HP Laptop and don't think you could find any firm as helpful

  woodchip 17:45 17 Sep 2009

Starting is controlled by the BIOS and motherboard, So it could be a faulty board

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