HP Laptop Charger

  Debbie46 14:14 22 Jan 2010

Hi my daughter's laptop is now on it's third charger, the last one doesn't seem to be charging it at all. The light is on the charger. The laptop is about 15 months old. Any help appreciated.

  birdface 14:46 22 Jan 2010

Check with HP you will need the model number etc but they recalled quite a few laptops because of Battery faults.
Chargers are not cheap I think they were going to charge my daughter £70 odd £ for a new one.Or £39 for a standard one.But she picked up one for £19 in a little computer shop near where she stays.
Could it not be the battery that is at fault.
It should tell you on the Taskbar if it is charging or not.

  birdface 14:51 22 Jan 2010

Maybe have a look through here and see if you can find your model and if any call backs for it.

click here

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