HP laptop battery even drained shows always 100%

  neelakantanr 13:08 23 Jul 2007

hi guys!
i have a 2004-bought compaq presario 2111AP laptop; it is not now under warranty; it was working ok till lastweek except that the battery (the second one after the first has conked a year back) lasts about 30 min only;

lastweek when keeping the laptop on the ground from the chair i accidently twisted the L-shaped dc-in connector of the power brick; after some wriggling it started working again but failed repeatedly to go to main power; i found the male dc-in jack in motherboard is loose; when i contacted the local hp service (in mumbai, india), they suggested replacing the motherboard as they dont work on the individual components and also as the laptop is not under warranty.

i decided to do the repair myself (there are 100s of posts on compaq power jack resoldering!); i opened the laptop, removed the motherboard and soldered the +ve and ground pins firmly; when i put the main powers, i checked the votage across the battery pins to check the power is coming.

when i reassembled the unit, the machine started beautifully on mains without battery; BUT THERE WAS A PROBLEM, the mouse pad or the front lights didnot come on; so i re-opened the same, checked the strip connecting the touchpad to the mother board; its metallic traces at the edge appeared frayed and continuity test across the strip failed for some of the traces; i snipped off the edge peeled off the wait plastic cover further one-cm; checked the continuity -it was ok and re assembled the unit; now the unit is working with mousepad, I/O and HDD lights on; HOWEVER THE AMBER LIGHT ON THE LIGHTENING LED FOR MAINS POWER is not on; when i checked on the windows sys tray, it shows charging;

when i removed the mains, the sys tray indicator changed to battery and showed 100% ; but it NEVER CAME DOWN, until the battery drained the laptop went to hibernation;

with laptop on battery, it shows 100% all the time, and also 23:44 hours remaining! i thot the problem is with the battery; with battery removed, and mains on, the amber light should be on and blinking; but it is not the case

any body has any ideas? any testing procedure?, any way to test if the LED is working?

suggestions and advices are welcome and wanted

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