HP Jornada

  User-D5390C4E-4227-4FF3-B80F5A0BD992009C 11:08 18 Jan 2003

I have an HP Jornada 525 running Windows CE ver 3 on an SH 3 processor.

The PDA has 16 MB inernal memory which I have supplemented with a 128 MB compact flash card.

My problem is that I cannot access files saved on the card using the programs on the PDA, for example if I save a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, I cannot open them using either program. In the drop down menu in both programs, I can access the folders in internal memory, but nothing on the card. I can open documents in Word and Excel, but only by going through Explorer.

The same is true for Media Player - if I try to set up a playlist, I can only see files in internal memory. Transferring files from the card defeats the object of having it.

Short of installing a third party file manager, like Gigabar, is there anything I can do?

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