HP "fix" now DVD/CD drive not recognised!

  QinesiQ 00:53 29 Jul 2006


I had problems with IE crashing in a previous thread (click here).

Also went to HP support (fat lot of good).

I had already tried their “solutions”.

Off my own bat I tried full system recovery and the pc seemed to be working fine. But then they asked me to do a few more steps and it’s buggered up quite differently – all sorts of things have randomly started disappearing from my computer (it’s a big surprise each time I switch it on to see what is/is not there!).

I’ve managed to find a few and reinstall them but suddenly my CD/DVD drive stopped being recognised. Error 39 in Device manager etc…

Have read some of your previous corresponding threads.

I’ve tried removing/reinstalling it and searching for better drivers all to no avail.

Question: if I perform a full system recovery (again) – will the system boot up from the CD drive even though Win XP does not recognise it?

I can’t think of anything better to do – and there are other weird things going on after I tried HP’s latest “fix” (f*** it xtra-good).


  Gongoozler 07:28 29 Jul 2006

Hi QinesiQ. If your computer BIOS recognises the CD drive and has the CD drive set as the first boot device, then the computer should boot from CD regardless of the condition of the Windows installation. If. on the other hand, the root of the problem is a faulty CD drive then only a new drive will solve that problem. What I have done with a computer with a severely corrupted Windows installation is to fit a new hard drive as master (C), and the old drive as slave (D). This enabled me to install a totally clean Windows XP and still have access to all the saved files on the old drive.

  QinesiQ 09:36 29 Jul 2006

Hi again!

Thank you so much once again Gongoozler for helping with all my woes.

I will see if it boots - it did the first time.

Fortunately I happen to have a couple of spare HDDs just in case.

Thanks again I really appreciate all your advice.

I'll tick resolved for now.

  jimv7 10:27 29 Jul 2006

Try this click here

or ie fix from click here

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