HP DJ840c. Printing Postcards Problem

  skodadriver 14:26 16 Jul 2008

Help please. I am using my trusty HP deskjet 840c to produce postcards for my local church. I have made a template up for the "reverse" (address) side, which works on 6" x 4" postcard photopaper.
The problem is actually printing the photograph on the "front side".

I have been using this printer for about 10 years, so know it pretty well. However, when I try to print the picture, although there is a setting for 6x4 card, it has a tab alongside the listing, and the postcard has a white band down the right hand side (the tab presumably)...

I have tried to set the printer to use A4, and print the photo in the appropriate corner, but it is a bit "iffy" and have to make sure the card slots in perfectly, or it will not print properly.
Also the printer reports "out of paper" halfway through, as it has already chucked the card out after printing !.

Does anyone know what settings to use to get the whole of the picture on the whole of the card?

All thoughts will be carefully tried, and considered.

Thank you

  recap 14:57 16 Jul 2008

What program have you used to produce the postcards?

  skodadriver 15:09 16 Jul 2008

Sorry, I made the "address" side using M$ Publisher 98 (a very trusty program)

The Photo handling is done with Irfanview.
However, that does not control the "Printer Set Up" facilities, which are "embedded" (I think) in the HP printer driver. (of which I have no Knowledge, except that you put the disc in and it works ! !)

I also have a DJ 5940 (more modern) which will print the photos on 6X4 properly, however, the print cartridges are so small, and soon run out, so it is not economical to use that printer. I do re-fill my 840c and have no problems with that. but the 5940 uses vivera inks and the refill ink is not the same mix or colours as the original.

Hope that helps.....!

  recap 15:14 16 Jul 2008

Try changing the setting in 'Page Setup' to 6 x 4 which in cm reads width 15.24 cm Height 10.16 cm ensuring the orientation is set to Landscape.

  skodadriver 15:59 16 Jul 2008

Hi again,

I tried several settings, as follows

Print Preview > Settings > Landscape

Custom size Width 6.0
height 4.0

then go to Printer Setup

Set Paper (drop down box)
three choices (for 6x4 sizes) are given, but all show the image size (bottom right corner as 5.3 x 3.9 or 5.8 x3.8

so I then went to the bottom of the list

User defined size.

This gave a image size of 6 x4 ...

Great! so I gave it a try, set the paper for photographic and Best Print.

Put a card in, and print

Oh dear... picture has white edge on r.h side, and along the bottom.

Oh I forgot to mention it is necessary to set the bottom margin to 4.25 to get a 4" card to print via the "envelope" slot on the paper tray.
I think the printer still thinks it is working on A4 paper. ! !

  Newuser939 16:15 16 Jul 2008

What you are trying to do might not be possible with that particular printer for two reasons. Firstly, HP's own brand of 6x4 paper has a tab attached and the printer will be allowing for that. Secondly, what you really need is borderless printing which I suspect your printer cannot do.

  recap 16:18 16 Jul 2008

click here it may be of help?

  skodadriver 16:27 16 Jul 2008

Thanks for the help, and the link to the HP printing to special papers..... Unfortunately, I have "been there, done that" so will have to use the emailHP box at the bottom, and see if they come up with a suggestion.

Thanks for trying....
Kind Regards

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