HP Deskjet Problem

  dsritchie 20:29 12 Feb 2004

My HP Deskjet 895CXI has decided to start playing up, when I print it only prints half a page and stops plus the computer freezes up and all you can do is reboot it. Any suggestions what I can do to solve this problem? I have tried reinstalling the printer but that hasnt worked.

  GrahamP 20:37 12 Feb 2004

It does sound like software.

Have you tried the HP site for updated drivers?

Alternatively, have you made other changes to the system that precipitated this and can you back them out, uninstall them, or if it's XP, use system restore or driver rollback?

  dsritchie 20:43 12 Feb 2004

I went to the hp site, but they dont have any drivers for that printer to download, they tell you that all the drivers are in window xp which is right enough as i didnt use any software disk to load the driver on. I recently put a firewall on but i have tried disabling this while printing and its made no difference.

  DieSse 22:15 12 Feb 2004

Check the the parallel port in the BIOS is set to ECP (the HP recommended setting).

Try another cable.

  DieSse 22:17 12 Feb 2004


Also check that you've got plenty of space left on the hard drive - severe shortage can cause unexpected results when printing. I just had a case where the USB was giving CRCC errors, on printing - all due to lack of disk space.

  Anator11 22:31 12 Feb 2004

could always be a problem with the buffer or onboard memory on the printer, not sure how the user can check this tho so you might have to take it in for repair if none of the other suggestions work.

  david4637 13:34 13 Feb 2004

Assumed you have tried printing a test page. If OK try the printer on another PC. Good Luck David

  dsritchie 21:42 13 Feb 2004

Thanks for all the suggestions. Its definately not low hard disk space i have over 70 gig free. System restore is not an option as the last restore point doesnt go far enough back. I dont think it can be much thats wrong but its dam annoying.

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