hp deskjet 940c problem

  bobbybluenose 19:45 14 Jun 2008

i am trying to set up the above printer but i do not have the software have downloaded the drivers ,i have put new ink cartridges , also new usb lead configured the printer ,but still no joy i have a continuous flashing red light on the left of the printer's i have looked in all programs and the printer is not listed any ideas please.

  Taff™ 08:03 15 Jun 2008

If the left (status) LED is flashing either the top cover is open or there is a problem with the cartridge. (have you removed the protective film from the contacts?) Try reseating the cartridges. Manual click here&# Software click here& Hope these links work OK

  TonyV 14:26 15 Jun 2008

I had problems with a HP930c, which had been working extremely well for years and suddenly couldn't print at all. It may not be the same with the 940C, but in the 930C in the cartridge pocket, there was a vertical metal spring device. This was missing and presumably meant that the printer was not connecting properly. I wrote to HP who said the spring was important, but was not a spare-able item. The only solution was to bin the printer. A real shame since it was a very good printer. It is conceivable that something similar is wrong with your 940C.


  bobbybluenose 16:27 15 Jun 2008

Taff thanks the links worked fine installed the software still no joy.
TonyV checking to see if if i can locate the spring
i don't really want to scrap the printer as you say they are good printer's if i have no joy with this i will contact hp thanks bbn

  TonyV 17:43 15 Jun 2008

The spring was a thin metal strip situated vertically in the centre of the electrical contact plate in the cartridge location pocket. It was about 1" + long.


  bobbybluenose 18:32 15 Jun 2008

TonyV the spring is missing i have a spring in the colour pocket and the spring in the black pocket is missing ,so the bin it is thanks for the help.

  TonyV 19:13 15 Jun 2008

That is exactly what happened to mine. Colour OK, Black missing! Incidentally, I never did find the offending spring, it didn't appear to be in the bowels of the machine!



  bobbybluenose 20:26 15 Jun 2008

TonyV i have turned the machine upside down shook the living daylights out of it the spring seems to have vanished into thin air,
i tried to make a temporary spring using a hair grip this worked for a while and printed a couple of documents, then the hair grip fell out this ant gonna beat me so trying to make a stronger spring ill keep you informed cheers bbn

  TonyV 11:37 16 Jun 2008

It must be the Phantom Spring. As you say, I knocked six bells out of mine in the vain hope of finding it, all to no avail. It was interesting to hear that when the "spring" was replaced that the printer operated again. Maybe you should go into spring manufacturing!!



  bobbybluenose 21:58 16 Jun 2008

this is getting more intriguing ,i work at a large college so today i spent most of the morning looking at our old hp printers to see if i could take out a spring and to my amazement none of the black pockets contain a spring , so i decided to look at our new machines and the same applies no spring in black pocket so its time to give in and purchase a new printer.

  TonyV 00:40 17 Jun 2008

Just to keep you in the picture, below is a copy of the e mail response I had from HP. Perhaps they don't know either!!

"Thank you for writing back to us.

I understand the concern that you are experiencing an issue with the HP Deskjet 930c printer. The metal strip in the black cartridge holder is missing.

Mr. V****, I would like toinform you that the same metal strip should also be there in the black cartridge holder. As the missing metal strip is not a user replaceable part, hence, it is not available for purchase as a separate unit. The printer needs to be serviced from a HP authorized service center. I would request you to contact the UK voice support, as they are the only competent authority to assist you further. The UK voice support number is as mentioned below:

Phone Number - 0870 842 2330"



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