HP Deskjet 720C not printing correct colours

  s99Raj 15:30 13 Feb 2003

I have an HP Deskjet 720C whci is printing out incorrect colours.

With a cartridge from WHSmith the red and blue come out the same pink shade, and the green comes out grey. All other colours also come out pink. Black is OK.

With a genuine HP cartridge the red comes out slightly brown and the yellow comes out pale green. Black is OK.

I'm using Windows XP Prof. which loads in the correct driver automatically.

I've tried the cartridges on two different Deskjet 720C's and get the same result.

Any ideas? Cheers.

  Lozzy 15:33 13 Feb 2003

Faulty Cartridges in my opinion, However this is a common issue with HP printers. try calling there help line..

  s99Raj 15:35 13 Feb 2003

I thought so too. The cartridge from WH Smith is the second one I've tried and both were brand new.

  jimbo24168 18:38 13 Feb 2003

I had this problem with a 610 and a 690. Nothing I tried cured the problem. In the end I bought a new printer.

  matt5705 19:02 13 Feb 2003

wat happens wen u put black in a pen that has just had em lets say red the colure become mixed it may need cleaning or use the same catrige company type

  PA28 19:12 13 Feb 2003

Can you get 720 drivers from HP that are designed specifically for XP? I'm not sure as this printer is now getting a little long in the tooth, but when I had a 720C I recall it wasn't too happy with the 98 drivers that Windows suggested and worked better with the genuine article. Whether or not this would account for the colour mixing, I'm not at all certain. It could be that the XP driver and printer don't get along or simply just age and wear and tear on the ribbon cable within the printer. By the time you've sampled a few more cartridges it may be more economic to buy a new printer (even though the 720C is a very good printer itself).

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