HP deskjet 1220C

  kimtrnc 12:22 07 Dec 2010

HP no longer supports this printer. Becaue I have recently endured an international removal, I have lost the user manual for this, and HP will not supply it - another nice product discontinued.
Anyone have copy of a manual, please.
Same thing happened with my perfectly good, but elderly, HP laser printer.
NEVER buy from HP, who are more interested in making more money tahn helping their existing customers

  jimv7 12:45 07 Dec 2010

"NEVER buy from HP, who are more interested in making more money tahn helping their existing customers"

strange comment, manual available from hp click here

  kimtrnc 13:03 07 Dec 2010

Thankyou Jimv7 - don't know why I couldn't find that. My comment about HP is based on a number of frustrations. I have a perfectly good, if elderly, HP laserjet 1000. HP refuse to issue a driver for this good old workhorse. why should I buy a new laser when I have/had, a perfectly good workhorse.
They refuse to talk to me,or comment on their decision.
I reserve the right to tell everyone within reach that I will NEVER, EVER, buy an HP product again - hence my comment

  KremmenUK 13:47 07 Dec 2010

Isn't it frustrating when perfectly good hardware is rendered obsolete by a newer OS !

Fortunately my ancient 1994 HP LaserJet 4L still functions under Win7. Just needed to download the additional printer drivers via Win7.

  jimv7 14:05 07 Dec 2010

I have just gone through add a printer with win7, your 1220 is supported with drivers as is my old 890cxi, and drivers for you laserjet 1000.

  woodchip 14:20 07 Dec 2010

That's one thing Epson do. Good Driver Support and software. Don't think that any other Printer can match the above support

  morddwyd 21:01 07 Dec 2010

"I will NEVER, EVER, buy an HP product again "

Don't buy a Ford either.

They keep bringing out new models, and after a while stop supporting the older ones.

  Taff™ 23:32 07 Dec 2010

Like you I`ve got a 1220c, (had a 1120 before that), and it`s worked faultlessly through XP, Vista and Windows 7 - I also think it worked on Linux but can`t remember which version I had it working on!

We`ll forgive the rash statements about HP - "Should have gone to PC Advisors" sooner!

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