HP all-in-one printer, scanning problem

  theoldandgrey 15:35 01 May 2011

Hi I have Windows 7, IE8 and an HP Photosmart C6280. Been a bit temperemental over the years but of late been fine. Now when I use the Solution centre to scan I get a message hpqdirec.exe not responding. If I close program and re-0pen I get message the application is currently in use or unavailable. This appears even after I have re-booted. Very odd. I have tried importing using Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop but the screen freezes and it reports HP scan application not responding. I have run the HP scan diagnostic program but it shows all is well. I have checked for new drivers everywhere but they are all up to date. Has anyone any ideas that may solve the issue please

  Strawballs 15:56 01 May 2011

I used to have a photosmart C3810 and I found the software very unreliable even when I uninstalled I had to go through the registry and remove all traces of it before re-installing it to make it work properly again.

  morddwyd 19:52 01 May 2011

The well known HP scanning problem.

You probably need to re-install the HP software, but it's not quite that simple.

First you need to do a Level 3 uninstall.

Insert your HP software disc, but don't run it.

Navigate to "L3 uninstall", I think it's in the "Utils" folder, and run it.

Manually remove any HP dross that has been left behind

Then do a full re-install.

Latest software available herelink text

  theoldandgrey 16:55 02 May 2011

Thank you for that info. I remember having to do a Level 3 uninstall before so I thought wow we're on to a winner. Well I have spent most of the morning and all afternoon trying to overcome the problem but things are worse than ever now. I downloaded the drivers etc as advised and did a clear out of HP items. Re-installed but in All Programs where all the HP products are listed the folders are empty. I have also received Warning 1909 Could not create a shortcut HP Solution Center.lnk. verify that destination folder exists. Well I can't find it at all. I have uninstalled and re-installed 3 times so far, having re-downloaded the drivers etc incase it was a corrupt download but still I cannot do anything. I have disabled anti virus and even firewall to see if that helps - no. I've done it as administrator and not administrator. I can't think of anything else except the bonfire!!

  Strawballs 17:54 02 May 2011

I don't know if this will be of any use Try This

  morddwyd 20:02 02 May 2011


Did not suggest you download just the drivers, but a full software download, all 300 megs of it.

Also to confirm that a straight uninstall/reinstall won't work, it's an L£ every time, an hour or more's work to carry out this procedure.

I should have mentioned that you also need to clear the registry - Ccleaner or similar, each time.

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