HP all-in-one inkjet printer / scanner via network

  BrianW 15:14 27 May 2008

I'm looking at getting one of these and am trying to find out whether they are able to maintain all functions when connected to a wireless network ie: scan as well as print?

I can find nothing about this from the HP official site.

Experiments with my current 6210 all-in-one via my Buffalo Linkstation keeps running into the fact that it only seems to support the print fuction, not the scanner even when connected direct to the LAN (not wireless), so I'm hoping that someone may have the answer here.

  xania 15:39 27 May 2008

I think you will find that you cannot scan via a network - you need to have the printer attached directly to a computer otherwise how do you tell the scanner where to direct the output? I have checked this on my office HP LaserJet 3055 all-in -one and this will not scan becasue there is no printer attached to the USB port.

  BrianW 17:18 27 May 2008

thanks for that, it makes sense - so I wonder how they can offer their all-in-one printers as Network enabled devices?

  BrianW 15:03 28 May 2008


  Ditch999 15:12 28 May 2008

I have one of these with 2 usb printers attached and shared through my wireless network click here It specifically mentions MFPs as being shared.
I also have a Canon USB scanner but it is not connected (yet. and now I'm in "should I or shouldn't I" mode!!)

  xania 16:00 28 May 2008

They are network enabled to print from any PC on the network, but I don't think they can send data.

  Ditch999 16:09 28 May 2008

That sounds like a challenge! You just made my mind up. Going to try it. The only reason I didn't set it up was the scenario of, If you are at the scanner to put the document/photo on the platen to scan then you might as well use my PC which is beside it.

  Ditch999 16:46 28 May 2008

And it works perfectly! What a great little gadget. Belkin Network USB Hub does it all.

  woodchip 19:05 28 May 2008

No Scanner will work over a Network. Whats the point as there is no one to put the material in to scan

  Ditch999 09:46 29 May 2008

Woodchip. Want to come round to my house and see a scanner work over a network????

As I said in my post 28/05/[email protected]:09, the only reason I didnt try it earlier was as both you and I say, there is no-one there to put the material in, but the OP wants to know about his HP AIO and will it work over a wireless network.

My answer is to clarify the fact that you can get a scanner to work over a network, either wired or wireless.

  woodchip 10:03 29 May 2008

I have a Epsone RX 620 Muti Function but the scanner does not show on my other computers. So how would I be able to make that work if the scanner was a auto load

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