HP 970 CXi printer will not eject photo paper afte

  bjantbear 14:56 22 Dec 2009

I have got an HP 970 CXi printer which I have had for many years now and has been no trouble at all up to now.

Suddenly it will not eject a printed photo paper.
It will eject a normal paper sheet on which I have printed the same page.

I have tried both 250g/m and 200 g/m paper but it makes no difference.

The printing stops about 50 mm above the bottom of the page and the page stops moving.

Has anyone any idea of what has happened please?

  Sea Urchin 15:40 22 Dec 2009

Does it print a test page (via print properties) using the photo paper? If so then that would eliminate a problem with the paper.

  bjantbear 22:12 22 Dec 2009

Thanks Sea Urchin,

I printed a test page as you suggested but as it is only 3/4 of the page long it did not help.

The paper stuck at apprximately 2" from the bottom of the sheet and I had to pull it out.

I tried with a normal letter and the bottom 2" of writing printed over itself and I had to pull the page to release it.

  Sea Urchin 22:19 22 Dec 2009

I would have thought pulling the paper out is not too good for the print rollers - there is usually with HP printers a release mechanism of some sort.

You could try downloading and installing the HP Diagnostic Utility from here

click here

Then turn on your printer and run the utility and see if it comes up with any problems.

  bjantbear 22:35 22 Dec 2009

Thanks for the reply.

Did as you suggested but it did not show a problem.

Maybe I will have to try to get the printer repaired or a new printer.

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