HP 5550C printer

  rowdy 20:36 09 Jan 2003
  rowdy 20:36 09 Jan 2003

I have been considering purchasing this printer for general family use because of the quality of output and the ability to exchange the Black ink cartridge for a three colour cartridge to produce good quality photographs.
I have had very good experience with HP products in respect of durability and reliability and support.
In spite of reading everything I can find,including the HP web site,my question is ' is it really just as easy as replacing the ink cartridge to switch from general printing to photographic '
Advice please from owners of the HP5550


  BrianW 20:55 09 Jan 2003

The quick answer is YES. but of course - there is more. The photo catridge comes with a carrier for the "spare". So when you take the black cartridge out you place it into the carrier to stop it drying up. You then insert the photo cartridge in place of the black cartridge and shut the lid. The printer then does its own thing for a short while, cleaning and aligning I guess? When you come to print the photos just select the photo paper you are using, and decide if you are going to use the photoret 4 option or the 4800 X 1200 optimised. I find that either gives a good result on the premium and long life premium papers. When you finish, reverse the process to replace the black catridge. I have found, so far, no sign of the cartidge in the holder drying out (after about 3 months. The only "problem" I found is that if you try to print before the machine has finshed doing its cleaning / aligning chunter it gets upset and reports the there is no black catridge present. So wait until it has completed. (I use the hp psc 2115 all-in-one, but it has the same printer section as the 5550 and uses the same cartridges / drivers etc.) I'm very satisfied with the output. Hope this helps

  rowdy 21:02 09 Jan 2003

Thank you for your clear reply,one further question,on the sites I see the printer advertised there does not seem to be an option to purchase the additional cartridge and carrier . Could you please give details of the item to order

Thanks again


  BrianW 10:37 10 Jan 2003

hp c6658a photo print cartridge (the box has a clear, large 58 on it). The carrier clip is included as standard. I like the new way they label the boxes now, 56 is the black, 57 the standard colour and 57 the photo colour. Not too keen on the prices - but it has always been thus with HP.

  rowdy 15:57 10 Jan 2003

Thanks again


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