HP 4850 Scanner software installation problems

  tallboy 19:23 15 Nov 2009

HP make some great hardware, but I'm not convinced about their software prowess. I have an HP 4850 scanner, which when it works is great. However, recently when I started to use it a Windows Installer panel popped up telling me to insert an installation CD. Now some time ago I had a similar problem with my HP Printer - as did one of my friends - so it would seem this is a common problem with HP s/w.

In the case of the 4850 s/w, I contacted the HP Help Desk using their Live Chat. The HP techie told me to clear various entries using Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This I did and the annoying Windows Installer panel went away. However, the drop-down target table in the scanner s/w also disappeared, rendering the s/w unusable.

The HP guy told me to remove various other entries using the Installer Cleanup Utility, but this didn't bring the drop-down list back. He then advised me to remove various files manually in the program's folder and remove the HP elements using Add / Remove programs (rather than use the manufacturer's Uninstall Program on the installation CD). After a restart and several sweeps of the Registry (using 4 different Registry Cleaners) I tried to re-install the complete HP Solution Center suite. However, the install program thinks that three of the required programs (HP Update, HP Photosmart Essentials and HP OCR software) are already installed - which they are not!

How do I locate & remove the pointers (or Registry entries) that are causing the HP install program to think these programs are present? Until I can do this and effect a clean install I don't stand much chance of using the scanner again.

At the worst case, if anyone knows any Third Party scanner s/w that will work with the 4850, I could use that.

All ideas are most welcome - before I throw the HP scanner out and buy an Epson!

  Sea Urchin 19:37 15 Nov 2009

You could try using the Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard in your operating system.

  levyo1 19:37 15 Nov 2009

You have most likley done this,but have you tried totally removing all the program and reinstalling?

  levyo1 19:41 15 Nov 2009

Hi All,I am currently using MS auto route 2007 at the moment but it needs updating MS are bringing the 2010 version out this month but I was wandering if anybody knows of a similar programm or even better a free one?But it must be the one that you can put in multi post codes and then you hit a button and it puts it all into the best order/route.

  tallboy 20:01 15 Nov 2009

Thanks for the quick replies Sea Urchin & lev1. Yes, I've tried the Windows Scanner Wizard and I can get it working OK with that. However, it is extremely basic with only one output format (not PDF - which is what I use the most) and no OCR.

I have tried using the HP un-install program to uninstall all the sub-apps and none of them show up in the list of installed programs (or in the add / remove progams list) once I have done this. However, when I try to re-install, the installer tells me that HP Update, HP Photosmart Essentials and HP OCR software are already installed, even though they were supposed to have gone. They are not actually there (I have checked the programs folder) - it's just that whatever file the program uses to record that they are installed, has not been removed - hence the installer still thinks that they are present. If I could identify and remove that file, I might move forward!

  tallboy 22:01 15 Nov 2009

I've tried System Restore too! I went back about 10 days, but still that didn't fix it. I think somewhere along the way the HP guy has instructed me to remove a file that wasn't tracked by System Restore and this is influencing the 'flag' (or whatever it is) that is making the installer think that some programs are already in place when they are not.

  woodchip 23:22 15 Nov 2009

What you are talking about is not the HP Scanner Driver, You are Talking about the Software that comes with the Scanner. Driver for scanner is just a Twain Driver all the others are is software like OCR etc. SWo You need to remove the Old and reload it or try reload over the top. If neither works then you have to remove the Registry Items Manually by doing a Search, after first Removing what you can from Add Remove Programs. Some Program when you try Installing will offer a Repair or uninstall etc

  awest3 10:58 16 Nov 2009

I had a similar problem, kept removing and reinstalling the supplied software but nothing worked. In the end this solved my problem.

From my post.........

I've solved my issues..! I used the "MS installer cleanup utility" first, to remove 'scan' from the installer....


  awest3 11:00 16 Nov 2009

Sorry on re-reading I see you have tried this method..I have to say the first 3 times I tried it it did not show the 'scan' in the list...no idea why it suddenly showed up..

must change my reading glasses..


  tallboy 16:05 16 Nov 2009

Thanks for the comments woodchip and awest3. I'll contact the HP Techies again as see if they can tell me which registry entries to remove. (I have already removed what I can using Add / Remove and MS Installer Cleanup Utility. Neither of these show the presence of any HP apps relating to the scanner.

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