HP 2050 - unnecessary bloatware?

  Diemmess 09:48 07 Jan 2011

Having a bit of a spring clean...

Have had a HP 2050 Laser Jet for a couple of years or more working very well indeed.

However in my original haste to set it up I think I have added clutter to the drive with the following unnecessary programs which show in the Add/Remove section of Control Panel.

HP Customer Participation Program 10
HP Laser Jet P2050 Series 1
HP Update

There is another possible nuisance with a curious file which is deposited in every folder including Desktop where I have printed from a file.
Naming itself HPDEVX.DLL it is a very simple ASCI 5K file logging a basic printing event.

I expect that if I uninstall these programs and delete the .dll nothing awkward will happen, but I would like confirmation please?

At worst I can put it all back with Acronis, but would rather avoid the need!

  howard64 09:52 07 Jan 2011

if you do not need the hard disk space leave well alone. HP progs do some very strange things and can affect very different things.

  sunnystaines 12:22 07 Jan 2011

unless your short of hdd space leave them be. that is what i do with hp bloat and all runs very well.

as howard says if you trim it down the remainder of hp may get upset.

  Diemmess 12:45 07 Jan 2011

I even had a fresh Acronis 10 backup in case of trouble.

Incidentaly yesterday I uninstalled a BB meter and found I had lost the bit I used on the taskbar!
Using Acronis for Restore I happened to see a frightening figure of many hours remaining which of course soon corrected itself as the program ran.
It may be that some users are scared off at the first estimate of say 25 hrs for something that only took 36 minutes from start to finish!

  T0SH 16:19 07 Jan 2011

As with most printers you will find that all the bloat ware that gets installed when you use the drivers CD there is an uninstall option in add remove programs or programs and features depending on your os

in most cases if you want to avoid installing all this clutter, do not allow the CD autorun to run the setup file, browse the folders looking for one called drivers where you will find sub folders for each of the supported versions of windows, most will contain a setup file which when run will simply install the printer driver

this also works if you let windows detect the printer and choose the have disk option and browse to the appropriate drivers folder on the cd

Cheers HC

  Ian in Northampton 19:47 07 Jan 2011

Interesting about HP bloatware. I have an HP scanner, and the software that comes with it runs to 250MB. I'm sure it does lots of interesting and useful stuff - but all I want to do is to scan images. So I found the scanner driver and installed it, and now just use the scanner wizard that's built into XP. It's much, much faster...

  Diemmess 11:50 10 Jan 2011

Your experience gave me courage and dire warnings on screeenwere many while uninstalling, I have saved as you said, about 250Mb and everything works as I had hoped it would.

The saving is not important for disk space, but has made a difference particularly with Acronis - less to backup.

In summary (in case someone else needed courage!)

Uninstall everything using add/remove.
Run CClean to clear registry and obsolete stuff.
Disconnect printer power and USB.

With the original CD in the slot be selective and install only the bits needed.
Plug in power and USB when requested.

Job done.

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