HP 1730 monitor screen goes black

  AW1234567 09:11 06 Jul 2007

Hi All,
I have an HP 1730 monitor and I am running windows XP professional. from time to time the screen goes off, the LED on the front is green and any sound still comes through the monitors speakers. The only way to get it back is to turn the monitor off and then back on. It acts like it is in some kind of sleep or standby mode but it is random on the timing and the LED is green.

any thoughts?



  Taff™ 09:36 06 Jul 2007

Does this happen when you are using the computer or when it is inactive? Check your Power settings by right clicking the desktop and selecting Properties. Go to the Screen Saver Tab and select power. Check what scheme you are using and what the setting is for Monitor in particular. If in doubt change the scheme using the drop down to "Always On" and see if that cures it.

  AW1234567 19:02 06 Jul 2007

Hi Taff
I have taken your advice and will update if it is successful. In answer to your question it is when I am using the PC, I was typing the original message and it went off twice, however I have been on for 5 mins now and it hasn't gone off yet. it is a random time frame between events so I am not sure if it is a hardware fault etc..



  Taff™ 08:24 07 Jul 2007

It shouldn`t go of when you`re actively using the computer. It appears to be quite an old monitor so it could be on it`s way out. It had a three year warranty originally when it came out in 2004 - is it older than that? I would check the cables as well by swapping them if possible.

  AW1234567 14:57 21 Jul 2007

Thanks All, I have replaced the monitor as it was a hardware fault.

  AW1234567 14:58 21 Jul 2007


  Taff™ 08:50 22 Jul 2007

Glad it`s sorted. Tick the resolved box?

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