HP 1310 Printer - keeps printing allignment page

  Haylyn 10:11 20 Aug 2005

Have just bought HP 1310; everytime we switch on it asks to align and then print a page without allowing us to close box.

Helpline closed over weekend so can anyone help.

Self test shows allignment is fine


  wobbly76 10:46 20 Aug 2005

Hi Lynda,
I have an HP 1310 and have just started refilling the cartridges myself, I don't know if this will help but after resetting the ink indicator I print a test page after that every time I want to print something I get a test page printed, so I put the test page in the scanner and press ' scan ' so it does an alignment page, it didn't want to print a test page after that.

Hope that helps, w76

  Graham ® 10:52 20 Aug 2005

This may be because you have disconnected the power, eg. at the wall socket.

  Haylyn 19:46 20 Aug 2005

Still having problem;

not happening all the time; is it best to have computer switched on and then put printer on, or the other way round, or doesn't it matter.



  Graham ® 20:38 20 Aug 2005

As above, are you unplugging the power to the printer, in addition to turning it off?

  CHAIRLEG 21:27 20 Aug 2005

After the printer has printed the alignment page are you putting the page in the scanner and pressing SCAN to complete the operation.

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