HP 1220C Printer problems

  soy 19:37 30 Nov 2003


Just bought myself a new A3 printer for my uni course yesterday and I am having small niggles with it.

When I first connect the Printer, windows sees it straight away and installs it without me having to use the supplied driver from HP. This is great, I guess, but it leaves me without some of the printer configuration and personal options that you would get if you installed the printer with the supplied HP driver.

If I install the HP driver, It leaves me with 2 printer devices in the control panel. 1 of which is XP self installed and the other installed with the HP driver.

If I delete the XP installed printer, Windows will install the printer again next time I switch the printer on even though I've already got the printer installed (The one with the HP driver).

How can I tell windows that I've already installed the printer with the HP drivers and to stop it installing the printer itself?

I hope you huys will understand what I'm saying.

Although both are totally usable, Its annoying to know that you have to printer devices recognised when you only have one printer connected.



  shifty 20:07 30 Nov 2003

I have the same printer but had no problems with installation. When installing the printer did you install the drivers first from the HP disc or did you plug the printer in and wait for installation? The drivers and printer will not install correctly unless you've installed the drivers first and then connected the printer.

  soy 20:30 30 Nov 2003

I have just reinstalled the printer.

I unistalled the old driver and removed the printer device from 'Printer and faxes' control panel.

Rebooted and unplugged the Printer USB cable.

I then began to install the HP printer driver. During the installation, you get 3 options to determine where you intend to connect the printer. Serial, USB and other. I didn't select serial becuase of course, i'm using USB. If I select the USB option, the installation just stops and freezes.

I can then ontherefor only selct the 'Other' option and 'USB001' from the drop-down list. Driver installation continues and everything goes well.

I check in 'Printers and faxes' control panel, and see 'HP Deskjet 1220C printer' Great!.

I now connect the printer USB cable to the PC. windows 'Found new hardware' wizard pops up and automatically installs the printer. Arghhhh...

I go back to 'Printers and faxes' and now I see 2 printer devices. 'HP Deskjet 1220C Printer' and ' Hp deskjet 1220C'.

The problem seems to be that Xp doesn't understand that the HP driver that i previously installed corressponds to the HP printer, so Windows Installs the printer itself with its own driver.

Shifty, could you tell me how you installed your printer? Out of the 3 options, 'Serial', 'USB' and 'Other'. Which did you select. 'USB' option doesn't work for me for some reason.

  plantzzman 20:58 30 Nov 2003

Cannot help you with your printer instalation as dont have one myself.My boss got one recently and it does great prints until he tries to print on thicker media.Wont take card type stuff in via normal means so has to use printers rear entry (a hem) if you got what I mean.After much activity from his printer it takes the media in then spits it out the front then starts printing on nothing making a right mess.He isnt a happy boy.

  soy 21:06 30 Nov 2003

Just been looking at the HP technical support pages and I've read some posts regarding 1220C with thick media like card.

I don't intend to use card but I hope I don't get problems if I do! lol.

Its just this installation niggle that gets to me.

  misery 21:29 30 Nov 2003

When the 'found new hardware' wizard pops up, do you let it find its own driver or do you direct it to where you installed the HP driver?

  soy 21:38 30 Nov 2003

windows automatically installs it without asking me doing anything. Theres no windows that pops up. Only the notification messages one after another in quick succession.

They are:

' Found New Hardware'> ' Hp Deskjet 1220C'> 'Installing'> 'The device is ready to use'. or something along these lines.

  soy 23:38 30 Nov 2003

Thanks to everyone, I managed to solve the problem. You can read how in the other thread: click here

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

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