howe much for web design

  holligan 18:50 08 Oct 2003

20mb i have free much to do a site .fe if you read this i give up cant do it on nofmx. doing my head in.

  tbh72 18:55 08 Oct 2003

What is your website about? What sort of information would you like included?

  holligan 18:59 08 Oct 2003

then a page and pic on several subjects

  phil 19:28 08 Oct 2003

Click click here

I did tell you.

  slowhand_1000 19:50 08 Oct 2003

Don't go giving up. I don't use NOF but I am sure there's plenty in here that do and can walk you through it.

  holligan 19:59 08 Oct 2003

think i will have to keep trying till my head gives in

  tbh72 22:39 08 Oct 2003

If you can upload what you have done so far, we "as a collective" will be able to give you suggestions & even work with your code & hopefully between us produce some results you'll be happy with.

  slowhand_1000 23:25 08 Oct 2003

Have to echo tbh72's post. I'm still on the steep learning curve myself but any help I can offer you can have.

  tomleady 10:02 09 Oct 2003

i'll lend a hand. someone just tell me what needs doin. i'm at work most of the day, i'm pretty much left alone, so i should be able to help you with anything.

oh, what does "nofmx" mean?

  GroupFC 10:54 09 Oct 2003

nofmx = NetObjects Fusion, which is the program I think holligsn is using to do his website.

  tomleady 11:00 09 Oct 2003

ah. well i cant use that! mind you, haven't tried it.

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