How2 convert MP3 files to a CD player?

  quitiraq 13:23 16 May 2008

Using Nero Express 6 what file should be selected to copy mp3 files to CD-R for a CD-R/RW playback compact disc player? Faffing about getting nowhere, downloaded Nero tutorial but with regard to the query it seems beyond the IQ of present forum member :-(

Meantime I worry life may be passing my by!

To Nero's question "which recorder would you like to use"
4 options are available.

Assume correct one is

Image Recorder [CD-R/RW]
which is likely to be for video or photos.

The answer may be that mp3 CD recordings are limited to use on PC's! In which case I'm stumped. I just can't manage MP3 players which are designed for the eagle-eyed. With magnifying glass in one hand the control buttons on the average mp3player/memory sticks on the market cannot be used with only one hand.

Design in realms of hi-tech toys for sound appears targeted at the visual élite... and screw the rest. My vision is OK with glasses, but mp3 player /memory stick "screens" I've seen are titchy witchy so are control buttons.

Assistance very gratefully received, meantime my musical existence in the sun is on hold!

  anchor 13:35 16 May 2008

Have a look:

click here

I did it once by converting a mp3 to a wma, then burning. Worked OK, but probably not the best way.

  eedcam 13:40 16 May 2008

Chhose make audio cd Add your mp3 files and choose the NEC burner no need to do any conversion nero willburn as Cd audio

  quitiraq 13:51 16 May 2008

Anchor, thanks... I see there is a WMA option in Nero. Am/was comfortable with Nero so reluctant to have to learn all over again, but if there's no other way ...

  quitiraq 13:53 16 May 2008

Eedcam, thanks. Uncertain as to what is meant by NEC?

its the brand name
click here

  pj123 15:20 16 May 2008

Just use Nero Express and select "Make Audio CD".

Nero will automatically convert mp3 to cda which can be played on any CD player.

Remember, depending on the length of each track you will only be able to get around 12 to 15 tracks on a CD.

Yes, the recorder to select would be: NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A [CD-R/RW]

All this has already been posted by eedcam (apologies)

  eedcam 15:37 16 May 2008

No Prob PJ you explained more fully

  quitiraq 19:22 16 May 2008

Said it before and gladly repeat myself: the time and wisdom sharing zapping around these boards is really great. A big thank you. Now to give the various suggestions a try.

Any ideas as to why mp3 player/memory-sticks are designed only for use by the super-sighted would be cool too. Or if alternative kit -in same price ball park area- exists that can fulfill the two functions, pointers to same would be welcome. Such kit would enable the vintage CD player to be ditched and files to be streamlined to mp3 only.

Cheers ...

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