How to write to a new CDRW using win XP?

  Rubroy 12:47 11 Apr 2003

I am new to XP but learning fast! In Win 98 popping a new disc in resulted in choosing what formatting you wanted and bingo, but it doesn't happen in XP. I want(1) to use the disks as backups in conjunction with HP Simple Trax and (2) have disks ready to hand to use as super floppies to download holiday digi photos etc. that I don't want to keep on my hard drive when everyone has seen them! I could do this fine on Win98 but it seems problem in XP - or am I becoming one of the more stupid pensioners? Any nice simple answers please?

  GroupFC 13:32 11 Apr 2003

When you put a blank disc in the drive, you should get up a pop asking you whate you want to do. Select "open writable CD folder".

Select the files you want to write to CD in Windows Explorer and click on file >send to >CD. This will then copy the files to the CD writing folder. Return to the CD writing folder where you will see your files waiting to be written to CD and then click on "write to CD" and hey presto! all done.

I hope this is of some help. I would add that I am doing this from memory so I hope I've got it right!

Otherwise post back and somebody will be able to help.

  Rubroy 19:19 13 Apr 2003

Thanks Group FC - it worked fine and it's easy when you know. I feel much beytter now. By the way I discovered that CD Writer plus allows me to format a disk without having to write to it which was the second problem I had. Keep looking, I am sure there will be lots more simply solved problemd before I come to terms with my love/hate relationship with XP!

  Rubroy 19:25 13 Apr 2003

Thanks Group FC. It worke fine. Makes me feel a lot less stupid. I also discovered that CD Writer Plus allows me to format a new CDRW without writing to it - which was my second query. Keep looking fellers - I'm bound to have more queries before I come to terms with my love/hate relationship with XP

  GroupFC 08:43 14 Apr 2003

Glad you got it sorted. I'm new to this computing lark, ( well xp, al least). I have found this forum to be a great help in all sorts of ways, so stick around and learn loads!!

  GroupFC 08:47 14 Apr 2003

I forgot to say that in this forum if your problem has been solved its nice if you tick the resolved box, and click on the resolved button. In this way, a green tick appears by your question and others can see that the particular problem has been answered.


  Rubroy 15:20 08 May 2003

Tanks everyone. BTW, I had trouble with XP and HP CD Writer Plus. It seems it is not compatible! HP has a new driver though it seems. Took ages to find the way to HP but for anyone intersted : 01429 865511 is the European Help desk and they were helpful. By fn.

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