How would I do this?

  Kate B 11:24 13 Sep 2006

I have a load of files on a password-protected corner of my ftp server that I would like to make available to someone who can't use ftp at work. Is there a way of cobbling together a web interface so that they can download the files (which are in folders) without having to wheedle and beg and get nowhere with their antediluvian IT department over ftp?

I have Adobe GoLive to play with. And Nvu, if that's going to be less complicated. And very little knowledge apart from some pretty basic HTML understanding.

  ade.h 12:39 13 Sep 2006

Hello Kate.
This shouldn't be too tricky. You can write a very basic HTML file that comprises a list of links to the other files and place it in the uppermost level of the passworded area. Provide him with the password and the URL of this file, then he can right-click on the links to save the files. I think that would be the best way, since you probably don't want to move these files into an open folder.
I can't say with 101% certainty without knowing more about the nature of your password system, and that isn't one of my specialisms, but I think that should work.
Please ask if you need to know how to compose the HTML and links.

  Kate B 13:25 13 Sep 2006

hi ade, thanks for this. Would the html file go in my /htdocs folder? I'd be grateful for the help, actually, webstuff is a bit of a black hole in my knowledge.

  ade.h 14:25 13 Sep 2006

Follow that advice and you won't go far wrong.

  Kate B 15:27 13 Sep 2006

Thank you, guys, I'll have a go with that.

  Forum Editor 23:30 13 Sep 2006

and how many are we talking about?

Do you run a website?

I ask, because there may be a far simpler way of doing this - depending on your answers.

  Kate B 18:43 17 Sep 2006

Peter, just seen your post on this. They're folders of pictures of up to 50MB or so each. I don't run a website as such, though I do have a home page with links to a defunct blog and my gallery. I'd be grateful for advice on the far simpler way of doing this as I haven't yet tried the html document.

  Forum Editor 18:49 17 Sep 2006

or is it in free webspace?

If it's in free space you may run into bandwidth issues - 50Mb files soon add up to a considerable bandwidth consumption, and your freespace provider will stop you.

If you're being hosted it will be a different matter. Just create a new (hidden) page on your web, and put hyperlinks to the files on it. You'll need to link to individual files.

Then give the hidden page url to the people who you want to permit into the files. If there's anything particularly confidential about them, you can easily password-protect the files, but we can go into that separately. I'll sort it out for you if you're not sure how to go about it.

  Kate B 20:03 17 Sep 2006

It's hosted - and what a good idea. I would quite like to keep it password protected, though.

  Forum Editor 23:48 17 Sep 2006

Create a new page and name it (downloader.htm or something appropriate), but don't add it to the homepage's navigation buttons/links. On the page create a table, and in it put hyperlinks to the image files that are in these folders of yours. You'll need to devise a way to let your users know which file is which - I can't advise you on that without knowing more about them.

Once that's done you can simply distribute the url to your selected users. The less 'guessable' the url, the more secure it will be, but of course a password entry system will be far better.

You can do that by using something called .htaccess,which is pretty secure, but requires a rudimentary knowledge of how to configure server-side scripts. Otherwise you can use any one of dozens of neat little password protection apps. A favourite of mine is Coffee cup password wizard which does the job perfectly, is reasonably secure, and is a walk in the park to configure. Each user gets a unique login.

click here for that, and let me know if you need any further help.

  Kate B 23:59 17 Sep 2006

Smashing, thank you, Peter, I'll have a play with that tomorrow. I've chmodded files to get Galley up and running so I'm moderately confident about that.

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