How would i change some text on my website?

  STEVE71163 20:36 31 May 2003

I had a website put together for my business and now and again i would like to be able to change a few things. How would i go about this? I have a control panel and i know the password.

  Taran 20:49 31 May 2003

You either need to know HTML code and edit the pages using Notepad or a similar plain text editor, then upload them to your web server folder via FTP to replace the pages you have there already, or if you have it you can use one of the mainstream web editors like Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, NetObjects Fusion et al.

It might help to know how computer literate you consider yourself to be and the version of Windows you are running.

  Pesala 20:51 31 May 2003

I use Net Objects Fusion to create my website, and it creates all the HTML code for me on my hard drive as a stage. This has all been uploaded to my webspace.

If I want to make major revisions, I use NOF, but if I just want to change a date or correct a spelling mistake I edit the source code in my browser. Say, for example, you want to change 29th March to 7th June on one page.

Open that page in your browser (Internet Explorer I will assume). Right-click, and view source. Search 29th March. Delete and replaced with 7th June. Save and reload the page in your browser. That's the first part.

Next you have to copy that updated page, probably index.html if it is the home page, to your server. For this I use the Freeware program FTP commander. This works just like Windows Explorer with your local hard disk in the left pane, and your website on the server in the right. Then you just copy the modified file(s) to the server.

Gradually, I have learnt to understand some of the HTML tags that turn on bold, italics, and addresses of links, etc., but I don't try to do anything too clever. I can test it on my local hard disk to see that it worked as intended before updating my website.

  STEVE71163 20:59 31 May 2003

Thanks Taran. You asked how computer literate i am. Well i have never had any idea how to put together websites but i would like to learn. I am ok at building and repairing pcs but i know that would be of no use with this :0(

  STEVE71163 21:05 31 May 2003

Sorry. I am running windows xp home.

  Forum Editor 01:39 01 Jun 2003

if we could take a look at the site Steve, could you post the url (address)?

Editing a site is pretty easy, once you have it loaded into a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor like FrontPage or NetObjects least that's the theory. In practice things don't always go to plan, but you can protect the situation by running a mirror of the site's directories and files on your hard drive. This is the version that you'll work with, and you won't publish your changes to the server where your 'real' site is running until you're happy with the results.

If you want to be hyper-cautious (and there's nothing wrong with being like that in computing)you'll maintain an archive copy as well, so that you can always revert to it if you publish to the server in error - leaving you with a faulty working copy as well as a faulty live copy.

That's the dire warning over with - all you need to do now is get some software. It doesn't particularly matter what you use, as long as it's reasonably well specified. The caveat is that I haven't seen your site, and I'm assuming it's fairly conventional - no databases or Flash animations.

Let us have that site address, and we'll take this to the point where you can get your hands on your site to update it.

  STEVE71163 07:01 01 Jun 2003
  Pesala 10:16 01 Jun 2003

No need for any special software. Freeware FTP Commander and notepad is all you need. click here for the latest version.

Good advice from FE to keep an archive of the original. Save each page (with graphics) on your hard drive, edit, and upload to update.

  Forum Editor 15:08 01 Jun 2003

was designed by a business directory service. here are many such services throughout the country, and some of them are very good indeed. Not all of them take as much trouble with the sites as they could (should), and most of them use a series of templates, from which you choose your preferred 'look'.

I thnk that the text on your site could do with a rewrite, and the whole thing would benefit enormously from having a couple of images on each page.

Presumably you have a username/password which will give you access to the site on the server?

That being the case, your first job is to download the site to your hard drive. You can do this with an FTP program as Pesala has indicated - just copy all the site folders to a location on your drive. Once you've done that you can work on your changes using your chosen software, and publish the revised site back to the server via your FTP program.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Like a lot of things it is, once you've got to grips with the process. I suggest that you use Microsoft FrontPage for the editing process - it's a WYSIWYG editor, and will enable you to see what the site will look like in your browser.

  STEVE71163 15:22 01 Jun 2003

Thanks FE. I will have to get Microsoft Frontpage as at the moment i dont have that on my pc. I would really like to start again and make up my own website so that i can change it when i please.I will have a look around tommorrow and see how much ms frontpage is??

  anchor 17:13 01 Jun 2003

MS Front Page is good, but quite expensive, (about £130 for the latest version)

You may like to first try the "free" Front Page Express. This used to be given away with Windows 98, but stopped with subsequent releases. It is a cut-down version of Front Page, and might be useful to get you started.

You can download it here
click here
click here

A tutorial can be found here:
click here

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