How Would I Attach A CAT 5 Cable To My PC?

  cubeladd 20:55 20 Jan 2004

I am trying to setup my broadband router, and before I can do that I need to connect a CAT 5 cable from my router to my PC according to the instructions.

I still need to buy a CAT 5 cable, as it wasn't included with the router, but I don't understand how I would attach it to my PC, as there is nowhere for the plug to go??

Please help if you can.

  BBez 21:00 20 Jan 2004

if your PC is relatively new, it should have on-board LAN port in the back. On the I/O shield where all your keyboard, mouse etc plugin to the back of the tower. The LAN port will have an icon with three pc's connected around it.

click here to see what i mean

  Gaz 25 21:05 20 Jan 2004

As said yuor PC may include a RJ45 CAT 5 connector.

If it doesnt, then buy a reletivly cheap LAN card.

10/100 Ethernet is what you need.

Just plug it in to a spare PCI slot and power up.

Or use a USB LAN connector, so you dont have to open up your PC.

  cubeladd 21:08 20 Jan 2004

I've just looked and it doesn't have a LAN port at the back.

Please tell me there is an alternative to get round this! I have just spent a loada money on wireless equiptment and I will go mad if I can't get round it!

  Gaz 25 21:09 20 Jan 2004

If this comes out correctly it looks like this:

| |
|_ _|

  cubeladd 21:10 20 Jan 2004

Gaz 25,

Sorry bout the post above, I didn't notice your reply. Thanks for the advice :)

  Gaz 25 21:12 20 Jan 2004


Attempt two:


| |

| |

_ _


Hope it works :-)

  Gaz 25 21:12 20 Jan 2004

NOOOOOO, I wish it didnt do that.

  Gaz 25 21:13 20 Jan 2004

If you need anymore help let me know.

Ahhh, shame you cannot do ASCII art on here.

  Forum Editor 21:47 20 Jan 2004

male a neat little USB Ethernet adapter for about £15, so you won't need to open the case.

Does this router have its own ADSL modem built in? If it does, you don't need to connect it to anything except the phone line after the intial set up and configuration. It will distribute the connection to any computer in range, provided it (the computer) has a wireless network adapter.

You'll need to connect router and PC during the configuration process, and I confess I haven't come across a wireless router that uses an Ethernet cable for this - the ones I normally use do this via a USB cable.

  cubeladd 22:34 20 Jan 2004


Thanks for you're advice. On your last point do You mean RJ-45 to USB?

Also, probably a silly question, but it doesn't mention anything past the configuration process in my manual. Anyway.. once the router has been configured do you then take out the ethernet cable from the PC and attach it to the modem?

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