How to wipe a hard drive

  Joe73 14:26 28 Dec 2008

Hi All

I'm about to sell my pc and want to wipe all my personal data off it- how do I do it?

I dont have any disks that will reset/re-install the system, is it possible to do it without them? I'd like to be able to have the PC ready to work for the people who are buying it from me, but without all my personal data on it. Is this possible, if so , how.

I'm kinda new at this, as you can probably tell.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  Pamy 14:46 28 Dec 2008

It depends how well you know the people who are buying it, friend /family/stranger
click here

  Joe73 14:56 28 Dec 2008

Don't know them personally at all, PC was advertised on a work noticeboard which can be read by thousands of employees, so have no idea who the person is, hence the need to remove all personal date, but still sell it to them in working order.

  Pamy 15:01 28 Dec 2008

I would not

  Joe73 15:03 28 Dec 2008

You mean you wouldn't sell it, would it be safer just to put a hammer throught the hard drive altogether, break it all up into little bits, and sell the modem and screen and speaker separately?

  Pamy 15:14 28 Dec 2008

No, I mean I would totally wipe the drive (as in my link) and sell it without a system ( let them install their own system , ie, XP ,Vista etc.

  Joe73 15:18 28 Dec 2008

Hope you don't mind me picking your brains a bit more. I have windows xp, and I'm able to put it on disk, could I wipe the Pc , as you said, and then load the XP back on, as the person buying wants it on when she buys it- would that work? Would it leave the buyer with a useable system capable of internet access, I knwo they would need to arrange their own access through an ISP.

Thanks for the link, kinda made sense, will need to watch it more and then do it once got new laptop set up and all data transferred between old PC and new laptop.

Thanks for all your help so far, its starting to make sense.

  Pamy 15:23 28 Dec 2008

When you say you have windows XP , then after wiping the drive and installing XP from the disk, you should legally give them the disk. You are not allowed to have more than one computer with that disk on it.

  Joe73 15:29 28 Dec 2008

ah, right, that wouldn't be a problem, I'll gladly give them the disk, system on new laptop is vista anyway, so I won't need the disk.

So I can wipe the hard drive clean, as the video link showed, then re-install windows xp.

At that point they will be able to connect to internet-once they have arranged connection with an ISP. They are buying a a BT Voyager 220v ADSL Router from me as well, and, they will have no way of getting any of my information off the syste, correct?

  Pamy 15:36 28 Dec 2008

Yes that should all be OK

  Joe73 15:37 28 Dec 2008

Thanks Pamy, you're a star.

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