How will I know when my line is BBand enabled byBT

  [email protected] 10:33 16 Mar 2004

I signed up for Pipex and they have told me that BT will enable my phone line by 6.30pm tomorrow. How will I know when this has been done? Do I install the modem etc before or after the line is enabled? Any tips greatfully received!

  Chegs ® 10:38 16 Mar 2004

When I went to Pipex,they emailed me to say it would be enabled on the Saturday,but I found it was actually usable a couple of days sooner.If you setup your modem,input your connections username/password,then as soon as its enabled,you will know.

  [email protected] 10:41 16 Mar 2004

Thanks! It's my birthday tomorrow so my big project is getting broadband- I'll try it first thing then!

  The Spires 11:05 16 Mar 2004

When I recently moved house I was connected four day before the date I was given.

  Chegs ® 11:15 16 Mar 2004

You can also use [email protected]_domain to test whether your adsl is enabled yet.It will allow you to connect to BT server,but its not possible to browse,just logon.

  Aspman 12:00 16 Mar 2004

Oooh I was told by Pipex I was getting switched on on Thursday. I'll be heading home now and trying it tonight just in case. I've installed the modem already (plus the update that Pipex mailed me to tell me to download) out the day after I got it. Where do I enter the username etc with the modem? I thought I didn't need to do that until it was switched on. I think this might be a case of RTFM for me.

  stlucia 12:31 16 Mar 2004

My AOL BB kit told me that I would be notified when my line had been enabled, and implied that I shouldn't connect the hardware until it had. But, after I'd gone 10 days with no notification I phoned them and they said there would be no ill effects if I connected the modem before the line was enabled.

They also said that I'd been enabled ever since the day I received the kit! Thanks AOL.

  [email protected] 13:40 16 Mar 2004

Aspman, did you download the complete installation or just the update bit? I got the same e-mail and don't know whether to install comletely from download or try the cd and then add the upgrade?
What are you going to do?

  [email protected] 13:41 16 Mar 2004

Chegs can you explain what to do to check the BT thingy? As if you were talking to a child!

  TommyRed 14:19 16 Mar 2004

I was told that BT would activate over this weekend 12th-15th March but it was enabled last Saturday, got an e-mail from PlusNet informing me. TR

  Djohn 14:44 16 Mar 2004

When the BT engineer enabled my line he phoned me from the exchange to let me know.

If your ISP has sent your modem and details, given you a date for "Activation" then it will be activated any time during the day but usually before noon.

You can set everything up before the line is activated [Just won't work yet]. Set-up your software and follow instructions as to when to connect the modem, connect the modem and then wait for the lights to come on and stay on steady, "not flashing".

If they are flashing and assuming there is no fault then it means your line is not yet activated, just keep looking at it over the day to see them light up and stay steady.

Once that happens click on the Icon to your ISP and the line will come on, open your browser and welcome to Broadband. ;o)

Regards. j.

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