How to watch live tv from internet to TV screen?

  Lambo Gambo 19:00 13 Aug 2005


After coming across streaming live tv on the internet, i'm hoping to watch it on TV instead of on PC monitors, but not certain how to connect the PC to TV in order to watch the programmes on TV.

What hardware and software do i need and how do i go about set it up?

Also, i notice that the pictures from streaming live tv is quite jerky and often freezes for a long period of time, i'd expect this to happen to 56k modems, but not a 3mb broadband connection which is what i have. So how come this is the case and is there a way of preventing or at least minimizing the jerky effect?

I'd appreciate any response.

  howard60 21:39 16 Aug 2005

to connect to your tv you need a video card with tv out. This is normally round sockets one is yellow the other red. You then need a cable with yellow and red plugs on both ends or plugs 1 end and a scart plug on the other. As for jerky reception make sure you have the latest version of your prog and unless you have a very fast system with oodles of ram dont have anything else running in the background.

  noddy 14:26 31 Aug 2005

Good Day,

Also depends on the number of users accessing the same site at the same time, helps if you get on early to ensure your seat so to speak.

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