How to verify Browser addons

  ACOLYTE 12:14 07 Dec 2005

I have been checking my browser add ons and although some are verified,some are not is there a way to verify the ones that are not i cant seen to find a verify option.

  GaT7 22:28 09 Dec 2005

& as I didn't have a clue, I did some research. I'm not sure what's relevant & what's not, & I wouldn't blame you if you ticked this as resolved soon as you read this lot!

Apparently the browser add-ons are marked as "Not verified" as they haven't (yet} been 'digitally signed' by the publisher.

From click here - "A signed add-on contains a digital signature. A digital signature is data that binds a sender's identity to the information that is sent."

Also, watch this short video on the IE Add-ons Manager click here (Flash Player required).

I don't think there's a way to 'verify' these files/programs as they're not digitally signed in the first place (but I may be wrong). (To verify a digitally-signed program I think you'll need something like click here).

Don't worry about the unverified ones. If you're ever in doubt ask here or do a search on Google. Fortunately they can be disabled, & hopefully easily removed. G

Additional Info:

About Digital Signatues (DS) from click here - "When software (code) is associated with a publisher's unique signature, distributing software on the Internet is no longer an anonymous activity. Digital signatures ensure accountability, just as a manufacturer's brand name does on packaged software. If an organization or individual wants to use the Internet to distribute software, they should be willing to take responsibility for that software. This is based on the premise that accountability is a deterrent to the distribution of harmful code." (More details on DS click here)

Using the File Signature Verification tool (FSV) (from click here - "To check the digital signatures for system or non-system files"), scanning my PC in C:\Program Files (incl subfolders), I found 9951 (of 10,480) that are NOT digitally signed. A search in C:\Windows (incl. subfolders) found 6201 (of 18,555) files that are not digitally signed. Apparently only critical files need to be digitally signed - see the statement in the FSV tool dialogue box.

For anyone wondering how to access the browser add-ons list, watch the short video - link above, or in IE go to Tools>Internet Options>Programs & click the 'Manage Add-ons' button (may only be present in WinXP & IE6).

  GaT7 22:30 09 Dec 2005

Fortunately the *harmful* ones can be disabled, & hopefully easily removed. G

  ACOLYTE 23:30 09 Dec 2005

Makes interseting reading,it does make u think that if there was a universal,that is to say a standard for verification then the browserr addons or BHO's would maybe not be installed so easly if windows had a data base to verify against
we all use these addons and some windows doesnt know like yahoo,google and the like it makes sence to be able to verify them as the legite thing before we install,thx for the info, i too dug a bit and found some of the sites you mention
but it still is a problem i think should be adressed by MS and other companies that wish to make such things if they are to be used with windows.

  GaT7 23:53 09 Dec 2005

I can appreciate your concerns, but there may be good reasons for this.

One strange thing I've found is that even a MS ActiveX Control is not verified - it's the 'Office Update Installation Engine'.

Many of the well-known (& definitely legit) items aren't digitally signed either. I wonder why these companies do not have ALL their files signed. Is it too expensive & time consuming to do, or is it only really necessary for 'critical' files? Or some other reason? We may never know. G

  Nellie2 01:02 10 Dec 2005

If you would like to list the ones that you aren't sure about.. I could probably check them out for you.

  ACOLYTE 13:28 10 Dec 2005

There is two that i dont know what they are there is no publisher mentioned,i have other's that are not verifyed but they do give a publisher so i have a pretty good idea who they came from and what installed them.

The two i am not sure about are:


thats all it says no other info available for it.

and the other is:


agian nothing else available,thx.

  GaT7 15:56 10 Dec 2005

ACOLYTE, if you look for the particular file (if present) responsible for the entry, then check its properties you may have a better idea.

E.g., To see what was responsible for the 1st entry {FFFFFEFO.....}, see click here, I looked at the properties of the file SDIEInt.dll (in the File column), & found it's part of the free Star Downloader that I have personally installed. G

  ACOLYTE 11:19 11 Dec 2005

Ok i did a search and found out that 1 is messenger service,and the other is style xp, so now i know what they are im happy.thx all.

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