How to use write protected CD-rw and DVD+RW

  Infox 16:11 09 Mar 2006

The first time I've tried to use my new RW CDs and DVDs to back up a folder in My Documents I get the message 'This disk is write protected -remove it'(or words to that effect).

What gives here and how should I proceed?
Thanks for help.

  absent 16:44 09 Mar 2006

What burning software are you using, RW disks usually need to be formatted.

  Infox 15:06 10 Mar 2006

Thanks for your response.

From 'All Programs' I go to 'Instant CD+DVD to 'Backup' to 'InstantBackup'. This is Pinnacle DVD Copying Suite.
I didn't see anything about formatting - I thought it that was needed I'd get an appropriate message.

Can you advise me from here please.

  Stuartli 15:22 10 Mar 2006

Such disks don't have to be formatted - you can use them to write to and erase as many times as you wish.

In fact when I first acquired a CD-RW drive I practiced on (unformateed) CD-RW disks until I had got the hang of using Nero.

I think absent is referring to using such disks as a form of hard drive.

  Stuartli 15:24 10 Mar 2006

You are better off using CD-R disks in multisession form for backup purposes.

They are considerably more reflective than RW disks and, therefore, can be read on a much wider choice of other drives if necessary.

  Fingees 15:30 10 Mar 2006

Sometimes, if you want to play a rewrite on a player it has to be finalised.

This will in effect write protects it.

hence it's handy to try out film transfers etc, prior to going to cd-r or dvd-r.

However re write disks can be erased and used again, even if they are finalised.

finalising only stops you adding or writing to it until it is erased.

hope this helps.

  absent 16:41 10 Mar 2006

I use Roxio easy media creator, this has a drag to disc function that formats the cd/dvd Rw and allows you to use it in the same way as a floppy drive, this is know as packet writing. Stuartli is correct as I have done the same in the past, but some software packages need the cd/dvd to be formatted. Does the Pinnacle software have an option to do this?

  Infox 11:53 11 Mar 2006

The only thing I can find on formatting is this in the Pinnacle info.:

'On some machines the auto-format dialog is very slow and hides a part of the screen background while formatting'.

I have seen no such dialog.

  Infox 12:11 11 Mar 2006

I've just been thru the Pinnacle User Manual and see nothing about formatting.

So I must contact Pinnacle, if that's possible!

Thanks for all your comments.

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