How to use Nero 8 to burn files on CD-RW & update?

  bathking 00:03 15 Mar 2009

As a form of backup, I have struggled to burn my files onto a CD-RW using NERO 8 since the HELP section is not that helpful. I have also searched the web for any guidebook for users but unsuccessful.

Can someone please list the steps to do the above?

Also, I will be regularly updating those same files and add new ones for additional backup.

Thanks for any simple step by step advice.

  MAJ 00:09 15 Mar 2009

Do not use RW media, on it's own, for backup, it's not stable or reliable enough, use CDR/DVDR media, or much better, both an external hard drive and CDR/DVDR media.

  ACOLYTE 02:15 15 Mar 2009

I use cd/wr disks for back up purposes and although it is not the most reliable media it does last long enough to suit the purpose.Although i would head MAJ if you need to back up important files that cannot be replaced.I also either zip or rar my files before i burn them,this not only saves disk space but adds the option of adding password security to them too.

  bathking 11:58 15 Mar 2009

Thanks MAJ and ACOLYTE for your advice for backup.

I am really more interested to know HOW TO BURN using NERO 8 since I don't have a user manual.

  Sea Urchin 12:08 15 Mar 2009

Take your pick from here

click here

  howard64 12:29 15 Mar 2009

when the prog starts you are asked what you want to do such as write a new data disk. Depending on which version you have you may have a button which says add. When you click on this a window with 2 panes similar to explorer opens allowing you to browse to what you want to copy to cd/dvd. Double click on a folder to open it then highlight the files you wish to copy. Drag them with the mouse to the left hand pane. When you have all the files/folders in the left hand pane you click on the red fire type icon to burn the disk. If this is different to your version just say what you get on the window[s] that open when you start the prog and we will help to guide you through these.

  ame 20:35 15 Mar 2009

Haven't used Nero 8, but Nero 7 is possibly similar. You want to use the Nero Backitup part of the software, as this compresses data as it copies it (although if you only have lots of jpeg and mp3 files it won't compress the data any further and simply burning copies is fine, using create data CD.) This software option is revealed if you click on the small arrow at the left hand side of the Nero Startmart pane , which shows the full software menu. Once you've opened backitup, simply putting a tick into the MyDocuments box in the left hand pane and clicking Start Backup will get it moving. Give the backup file a name and the program will prompt you to put disks into your read/write drive as they are filled up. I use DVD-R disks. This proved invaluable recently as my son switched my pc off as Windows XP was loading and I had to reformat and reinstall everything. You will really have to backup all the data each time unless you keep new/modified files separately, but this is not practical. Help files/manuals for Nero Backitup are in the link from Sea Urchin above. The Nero software itself is not exactly intuitive for beginners, is it?!!

  ame 21:26 15 Mar 2009

Forgot to say to click on File Backup button on left hand side of Backitup window. Also, if you have multiple users on your pc you'll need to drill down through My Computer to select and backup all their files, or they can do them all themselves in separate backups of course.

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