How to use a CDRW

  Josquius 19:55 19 Mar 2003

So how do you use a CDRW to transfer data between computers like a extra big floppy disk?
Can you even do this?

  mole44 20:16 19 Mar 2003

burn your stuf onto the cd-rw take it out put it in the other machine ,and there it is to transfer to your other machine use it like an ordinery cd

  mole44 20:18 19 Mar 2003

opps forgot you have to format the cd-rw first read the instructions that comes with the writer or go have a look in the software that came with it

  Josquius 20:22 19 Mar 2003

You burn it normally like with a CDR then you can just burn over that again?

  pj123 22:25 19 Mar 2003

If you are using Nero software you should have InCD.

Put a blank CD/RW disk in and you will get a pop up window to format the CD. It will take about 30 to 40 minutes. Once that is done (and successful) you can use it just like a big floppy disk. Don't forget the computer you are transferring it to must also have a CD ReWriter drive and should be able to read it. If you are using Roxio software you should have DirectCD which does the same job.

  flecc 22:29 19 Mar 2003

Yes. Just use it like a floppy by either writing over or deleting before writing.

The writing can be by just dragging the file onto the drive in Explorer, or using Send To.

Direct CD puts a Send To link in place for you.

  Josquius 09:02 20 Mar 2003

Can you not transfer to a computer without a cd rewriter?

  MAJ 09:14 20 Mar 2003

Yes you can, Josquius, when you have the files, to be transferred, on your CD-RW or CD-R put that into the CD-ROM drive of the other computer and simply copy the files to the new computer. When the files have been transferred you might have to right click those files, choose Properties and change their attribute from "read only" to "archive". You certainly will have to do this if you use CD-R media.

  stlucia 13:09 20 Mar 2003

Some CD/DVD combination drives (not writers) cannot read home-burned CDs.

I use Roxio Easy CD Creator and, so long as I close the CD so that it can be read on any machine (a tick-box option when you eject the CD after burning), I can then read the data on my CD-equipped laptop.

  stlucia 13:12 20 Mar 2003

... forgot to mention, that's using CD-Rs, not -RWs. Someone else will correct me if it can't be done this way with CD-RWs.

  Josquius 13:21 20 Mar 2003

I have my dvd drive on the new computer, it can read most stuff including pirate *arg* stuff but not one or two games for some reason.
I'll try and dig out my nero disk then to do this format thingy.

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