How to upgrade hard drive

  Evan_F 13:39 10 Jan 2003
  Evan_F 13:39 10 Jan 2003

I have a Compaq Presario 1245 with 160 mb of ram.
I would like to upgrade my hard drive.
Where do I start?

  Lú-tzé 14:19 10 Jan 2003

click here for a good guide.

But first: much compaq stuff is proprietary and it may not be as simple as for other machines. Check your documentation.

  Lú-tzé 14:21 10 Jan 2003

Is it a laptop? If so, then that complicates matters further.

Someone with more knowledge will give a definitive answer soon.

  TechMad 14:29 10 Jan 2003

Are you planning to start from scratch? (i.e. install the operating system ( on the new disk).

I am assumming that you aren't going to take your current configuration on to the new disk

1. Having got the hard drive that you want upgrading to. Find a clear work space, and start taking the side pannel(s) off (the sides and the top of the case may come out in one section). Identify where the hard disk is, it will probably be situated below the floppy disk drive. Ground yourself by touching the computer case or using a grounding wrist band.

2. Pull the flat, wide cable from the back of the hard drive. You may want to label the cable so that you can idenify it. Do the same with the power cable (4 wires).

3. Now unscrew the hard drive, there will probably be four screws, two on each side. You may have to slighly move the motherboard pannel to get at the other side. Remove the drive.

4. Make a note of all the details on the top of the hard disk, such as the size, cols, sectors etc. Check that there is a plastic part that covers the two pins below the markings MA on the back of the drive.

5. Connect the cables back up again. The power cable will only fit one way. However the flat cable may fit both ways up. Match up the pin marked "1" on the hard drive with the hole marked "1" on the cable. If your flat cable has a colour band down one side, this should be on the left (I think) to get the cable the right way up.

5. Fix the disk into place using the instructions for step three, but in reverse.

6. Put the case covering over the computer, screwing up the case if screws are needed.

7. Start up your computer and press which ever key enters "Setup". Using the arrow keys, navigate to the option marked "IDE detection".
Press the enter key. Does the computer show any of the details that you took note of?

If not post back.

  Evan_F 13:44 12 Jan 2003

First a reply to Lu-tze. Yes my computer is a
laptop and the page you gave me will be perfect
for my other PCs when its time to upgrade them,
thanks, oh and I apoligize for not putting the hiffins in your name I don't know how.
TechMad, Yes, I would like to put everything on
the new harddrive which probable makes sense it being a laptop and all. Can you have two harddrives on a laptop? Sorry if thats a stupid ??. Whats next? And do you need more info about the laptop??

  Lú-tzé 15:24 12 Jan 2003

Only one hard drive for the most part, unless it is possible to remove one of the other drives and interchange with another hdd.

Try a usb hdd - expensive and slow, but will be of some benefit.

Even a usb2 hdd can be bought, but then you will need a usb2 port (probably in the form of a pcmcia card).

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