how to update Avira AV

  palinka 17:09 16 Feb 2010

I've no experience of Avira anti-virus (I use AVG)but I went to help a friend yesterday with various minor computer problems and found her AVIRA had last been updated in Nov 2009!

I couldn't work out the way to update it and she didn't know how.

Can someone please point me in the direction of on-line instructions, or even send me instructions, please.

  Technotiger 17:16 16 Feb 2010

I don't use Avira, but I would imagine Update is much the same as most other programs - Click on Help and then on Update or Check for updates!

  Technotiger 17:22 16 Feb 2010

Or. click on Update VDF at bottom-right .. click here

  palinka 18:02 16 Feb 2010

thanks. I'll forward to her.

  palinka 09:16 17 Feb 2010

thanks very much Marg7.
That will be useful because she 's on a dial-up connection so there's little prospect of auto-updating working, unless, by chance, it's been set at a time when she tends to connect.

  palinka 11:43 17 Feb 2010

thanks again Marg7

  robin_x 21:20 17 Feb 2010

I have used Avira for 2+ yrs and wouldn't use anything else.

I would suggest uninstalling it then reinstalling from

It will update automatically if your internet is online.
But also click Product Update, for a manual extra update.

Also see my post in DS

click here

  robin_x 21:22 17 Feb 2010

Tell your friend to keep a copy of the avira....en.exe on desktop or somewhere easy to find.

I re-install maybe 3 times per year.

  palinka 22:27 17 Feb 2010

thanks will have to be a manual update because she's on a dial-up and doesn't connect very often. Apart from that I'll now be able to pass on your various instructions and check up on it next time I visit her.

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