How to 'unwrap' a URL

  GG2 17:00 14 Oct 2004

A recent email I received at a URL included to allow me access to the particular area I needed in the site. Unfortunately it was 'inactive'
When I contacted the sender I was told I needed 'Notepad' which I know nothing about, or a text editor.
In simple terms how do I get this URL active from the email?
Many Thanks

  esl_webber 17:02 14 Oct 2004

have you tried copying and pasting into your address bar?

  GG2 14:49 15 Oct 2004

Thank you for your response, it seem's so simple when you know how. :-)

  GG2 22:43 22 Oct 2004

Hello again.
The problem of accessing 'links' incorporated in an email has agin become a problem.
I cannot open any of the links sent to me via an email, even copy and paste does not seem possible, and when I tried clicking 'help' top righthand corner of Hotmail, that too could not be opened.
Do you think I have 'deactivated' something on my computer?
As I am trying to work on a course I am doing, and therefore receiving many links to appropriate sites, I would be very grateful for any advice that might solve this problem.
Thanks again.

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