how to uninstal Win Xp home or reformat the C driv

  sikefula 18:41 22 Aug 2006

hi folks,

...for some reason i have always believed it to be a 'stroll in the park' until today!

I have got an 3 yr old machine:

XP Home
AMD 3200
200gig hard drive
1024 mb

over the years i have dowloaded all 'sorts' of things and filled my hard disk on numerous occasions,backed up stuff from hard drive before deleting some files to create more space.

Now that I have got a newer machine,i would like to do a clean install of my Win xp home-clear everything and start afresh!

Surprise,surprise,Win Xp wont allow me to reinstall from my original cd since its seen as an older version.

I have read somewhere that the only way around this is to reformat the hard drive.

Question is:How do i do that-so that i am able to make a clean install of Win Xp from original cd?

  VoG II 18:48 22 Aug 2006

Use the Recovery Console possibly click here

  VoG II 18:51 22 Aug 2006

Yes, I think it is possible click here

  sikefula 10:00 23 Aug 2006

sorry if i am sounding a wee bit thick,but i cant seem to access the Recovery console at all.

When I choose to boot from CD,it doesnt go into Windows setup option but the Pc actually goes on to boot succesfully-there is no other option available at this stage.

As said before,if i try to instal directly from Cd,it wont allow me since it says cannot overwrite with older version (the CONTINUE option if i want to proceed with installation and lose all data is greyed out,except the Cancel and Details option),hence my request for a simpler way of reinstalling win xp or reformatting the hard drive to start afresh-am not bothered about losing data since i have backed-up all the important files.

  sikefula 10:10 23 Aug 2006

If you wanted to give away the Pc to charity but need to WIPE OUT the hard drive to delete sensitive or personal info,so that the new user would have to install own O/S-achieving something like that is what I am looking for-Thanks.

  VoG II 10:14 23 Aug 2006

Try a boot disk click here

Boot with the disk, at the > prompt type

format C:

  ArrGee 11:29 23 Aug 2006

This has always worked well for me.
click here

  ianeon 14:44 23 Aug 2006

I had the same problem - the solution was to uninstall "SP2" and then I could use my disc.

  DieSse 15:36 23 Aug 2006

*When I choose to boot from CD,it doesnt go into Windows setup option but the Pc actually goes on to boot succesfully-there is no other option available at this stage.*

Is the system set up in the BIOS to boot from the CD?

Also on most systems you get a message on-screen to sat "Press any key to boot from CD..."

Some systems will be set tp display a makers screen, so you can't see the "Press any key..." message - you can disable this in the BIOS.

  Cesar 08:43 27 Aug 2006


  sikefula 09:01 27 Aug 2006

indeed it is!

sorry folks for coming late with the feedback-i have since managed to do a second install on my hard disk-

...after uninstalling SP2,everything fell into place-though my Pc crashed during the SP2 uninstallation process causing all sorts of problems at reboot-some files not available for a succesful reboot etc.

however,i was now able to choose to boot from CD and getting all the options to either use Recovery Console,or install another O/S-i just chose the latter and went on to succesfully install a second copy of WinXp on same harddrive with a different drive letter-drive F,i chose.

So at boot up,the pc now asks me which O/S,i fancy,I have chosen Drive F as default

since then,my pc is perfoming incredibly faster-almost like new-minus the SP2 though which i am still debating whether to reinstall since i have got the cd

did i also say,before this,the Pc was prone to crash at every opportunity the moment i tried running some programmes?-e.g-scanning for viruses,burning a cd/dvd or even backing up stuff-not anymore!-the cpu temp was going up to 100% before when perfoming these tasks before crashing-now can perfom same tasks with the Cpu temp remaining stable-strange!

thanks to all who helped!

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