How to Undo Saved Image Effect Changes?

  snappycat 15:42 10 Nov 2010

Help - grandson bored with CBeebies online - found a folder of video clips and changed them all to a blue enhanced version - the originals - I have learned a lesson from all this! However, anyone tecchie enough to tell me how I can find what he used to change/exactly what changes he made? I have only Paint and Jasc and cannot retrace his steps! Can I use System Restore or will this achieve nothing? All advice appreciated - four years of precious video clips with everything in differing shades of bright blue.....

  Woolwell 16:47 10 Nov 2010

I'm sorry but I am unsure how to do this. Do you have any video editing programs? System restore will not help I'm afraid. No back-ups?

Hope someone else can help.

  Les28 17:44 10 Nov 2010

Don't know whether it's the hue saturation and brightness controls in your player that have been adjusted, what player or program do you use to play back videos on your pc, just wondering if the play back settings have been altered in that program? Have you tried playing the videos in another video playing program to see if it's just the one player's settings that have been altered?

  snappycat 12:53 11 Nov 2010

Thanks Woolwell for confirming System Restore not my avenue....Les28...ta for that...tried other vid clips from external source and they play normal colours - back to the blue thumbnails they are all in original correct colour - then when opened they all turn - any clue there? my player is VLC - thanks for trying to help me...

  Les28 19:25 11 Nov 2010

Not too sure about this one, I thought that maybe playback settings had been altered but I can't quite grasp how they've been altered just for the playback of them particular videos and not other vids you've got from another source. Have you tried opening the blue coloured clips in another player?

You could try in VLC from the menu bar, Settings, Extended GUI, Video Tab, Tick Enable box then tick Restore Defaults button.

  Covergirl 19:39 11 Nov 2010

It would be onerous for a youngster to alter each video to the same blue hue whatever program he used.

Right click and open with Windows Media Player, Windows Media Centre, Quicktime or Real Player.

  Covergirl 18:41 13 Nov 2010

You'll let us know how you got on when you get sorted.

  snappycat 20:37 30 Nov 2010

Apologies for delay - sickness befell me - many thank yous to those who helped me - Covergirl - you showed me the elimination process and reminded me that a four year old is not dedicated enough to alter images in that way - Les28 - I tried as you suggested which did not work but then I delved deeper using the same technique and restored like my life depended on it! SUCCESS! You are all wonderful - my daughter (said 4 year old's mum) is also very grateful - I have ordered an external portable HD to back up every image we possess between us - again - thank you to all who read, pondered and suggested - deeply appreciated...

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