How to type :- ?

  Graham. 15:21 23 Mar 2011

I've used two keys in the title, but wondered if there is another way. Perhaps it's not a valid character, I don't know it's name.

  wiz-king 15:28 23 Mar 2011

Little used now (most people just use the dash)but it's not a character as such, so keep using the two keys

  Thalmus 16:10 23 Mar 2011

click start > programs > accessories > system tools > character map.

Is what you're trying to type in there?

  Graham. 16:28 23 Mar 2011

You tell me. I've already looked.

  Thalmus 16:30 23 Mar 2011

eh? I don't even know what you are trying to type

  Graham. 16:31 23 Mar 2011


  Thalmus 16:33 23 Mar 2011

right, so you're asking if you can type :- by pressing one key instead of pressing : and then -

The answer is no

  johnincrete 16:53 23 Mar 2011

The colon + dash was used to introduce a list:-
like this;
and this;
and so on.
With word processors it is easy to announce the list with a simple colon and then format the list with bullets or numbers, so the dash migrates to each line of the list (or is replaced by whatever symbol you choose).

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