how to treat partitions

  Superstylin 11:02 31 Aug 2005

hi, i have a new acer laptop that is partitioned into 2 drives: c:acer and d:acerdata. there is no information from acer as to how to treat these drives so i'm not really sure how to work with them. can anyone give me advice into what i should be doing?

  woodchip 11:11 31 Aug 2005

The Data Partition D:\ is a Recovery Partition should you have problem with the Operating System to restore the Computer to As when bought new. But if there is plenty of space you can use just as for C:But if you load a Program to D:\ it still writes some info and puts some files on C:\ so if you have Problems with C:\ and did a Restore as above you would have to reinstall the Programs on D:\ for them to work.

  Superstylin 11:25 31 Aug 2005

the drive is split into 2 30gb partitions so it is a lot of space to waste if i only kept a back up on the one partition but i really don't like the idea of putting files onto D:/ only for it to place data on C:/ and thereby creating a bit of disorganisation. it's a shame that acer felt the need to partition it this way

  Superstylin 11:33 31 Aug 2005

is there even a point to a recovery partition if i already have a recovery dvd??

  Graham ® 11:37 31 Aug 2005

Look at the filing sytem in D. If it is FAT32 it is recovery. If it is NTFS, Acer have partitioned the drive so you can save data to it.

  Superstylin 11:40 31 Aug 2005

both are fat32. there actually isn't anything in D:/ does this mean i should be making this recovery copy myself?

  woodchip 12:07 31 Aug 2005

If you start messing with the Partitions you will not be able to Restore. You could also use Acronis True Image to create a Image of C:\ and save it to D:\ so it's easy fast retore if you have Problems.

PS if you was Not supplied with a Full XP disc then I suggest you creat a Image as soopn as possible. As if yopu cannot do a Restore from the Original, You will finish up having to buy XP cd and all your preinstalled software

  Superstylin 12:23 31 Aug 2005

is an image different to a backup?

  woodchip 12:37 31 Aug 2005

Yes in a Way as you can create a Backup of important files, which you should still do, even if you create a Image. A Image can Restore all that is on the Drive or Drives including Partition Information in case it gets corrupt. And will put it back in order everything working as at the time you create the Image if saved also to DVD's then it's totally safe from Viruses. But if you restore a Backup that you make, you should check for virus before you put it back as you may transmit it back to the drive

  Graham ® 12:42 31 Aug 2005

Acer, for reasons best known to themselves, ship their PCs with FAT32. You can easily change them to NTFS.

They also ship them without a means to recover Windows. If you contact them, they will send you a Recovery Disk.

  Graham ® 12:46 31 Aug 2005

Correction - you have a Recovery DVD!

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