How to transport a Canon inkjet printer?

  stlucia 19:49 22 Apr 2006

I need to ship my used Canon BJC-600 printer. The users' manual tells how to restrain the print head, and pack the printer, but it then says it must not be turned upside down otherwise ink will spill. Presumably this is ink from the waste ink tank, as the instructions say to remove the cartridges.

It's unrealistic to expect it to stay the right way up during shipping, so how do I prevent it getting smothered in waste ink, please?

  Stuartli 20:07 22 Apr 2006

I still have the manual for my BJC-600e, which states the same as yours about not turning it over.

The only thing I can suggest is that you clearly marked the box in which it is being sent "This Way Up Only" and, perhaps, something on the lines of Fragile, Do Not Drop".

Also some large red arrows making clear the box should be kept upright may help.

I did send mine back to Canon's third party official repair centre late last year but, as the cost of a new print head was more than the cost of a new printer, I told them not to bother repairing it.

I'm still very doubtful that the print head was the cause of the problem; what's more, the manual states it should last the life of the printer.

The Canon proved a superbly reliable, remarkably quiet and vibration free printer and sat on top of my system case for convenient use. It was also fully equipped for photo printing...:-)

Now I have an Epson R300, although I would have got another Canon if there had been a suitable replacement.

  stlucia 20:47 22 Apr 2006

Yeah, I can talk to the Post Office and put big notices on it, but I'm not confident it will stay right way up.

I was hoping there might be some way to empty the tank, or to seal it so's it doesn't leak. I believe it's not easy to get at.

  jarani 21:06 22 Apr 2006

sorry to sound so simple but have you contacted canon for advice ? jarbie

  jarani 21:06 22 Apr 2006

sorry to sound so simple but have you contacted canon for advice ? jarbie

  hzhzhz 21:27 22 Apr 2006

It could depend on how much the printer has been used as the waste ink is absorbed by an absorbent pad, is it not.

  spuds 21:38 22 Apr 2006

jarani's suggestion seems the best method, I have always found Canon to be very informative and helpful.

And as for putting 'this way up/fragile' stickers or any other cautionary stickers on boxes, forget it. I have a number of various couriers who deliver on a weekly basis, and I have yet to see any of the van's contents stacked in a unified position. Chuck it in, hope the road bumps are smooth, and thanks be, that the customer gets it safely. That's the standard motto I think!.

  stlucia 08:08 23 Apr 2006

hzhzhz, it hasn't been used much lately and, in particular, I haven't cleaned the heads often (which I believe is what generates the waste ink). I didn't know there was a pad, so hopefully what there is will all stay there.

jarani, I'll contact Canon to see what they say. But since their manual addresses the problem without solving it, I'm not too hopeful.

But it sounds like I'll be adopting a combination of all suggestions -- stickers, plus a warning to the recipient to watch out when they open it.

  Bagsey 08:11 23 Apr 2006

Pack it as suggested but I then put some sheets of kitchen roll paper napkin over the area where the ink waste tank is. This will absorb any drips from there.

  Wak 09:52 23 Apr 2006

I used to use a Canon BJC-1000 and got a message to say the ink tank was full. I eventually stripped it down and cleaned the ink pad which lays horizontally on the floor of the printer.
The pad is similar to a fibrous sponge and, believe me, if the printer is stood on it's side, any ink will eventually run out due to gravity. Try it with a sponge and water!!!
I would suggest stripping the printer down (if possible) and cleaning the ink pad but it's a long messy job. I would also suggest putting the printer in a plastic bin-liner type bag as any free-flowing loose ink could damage other items being shipped and you may be held financially responsible.

  stlucia 12:20 23 Apr 2006

Thanks, Wak and Bagsey. I'll see if it's easy to get to the wast tank and pad with a view to draining it or, at least, putting something around it. But anyway, I'll certainly put sufficient plastic bagging around it to contain any leakage.

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