How to transfer photos from a mobile to a desktop?

  Triprajul 21:36 04 May 2012


My wife has numerous photos stored on her mobile phone. She would like to transfer some of these photos to her desktop computer. When she got her mobile, it came with some attachments like a cable. Can this cable be used to transfer photos from her mobile to her desktop? If possible, and I know that every mobile is different, if someone could provide some basic, perhaps generic, steps, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the perhaps simplistic question but we misplaced the instruction booklet that came with the phone.

Finally, I have a final question. I was watching an episode of “Spooks” one night and I saw the following. One of the spooks took the SIM card out of a mobile and put it into some kind of hub-like device plugged into a laptop. Using this method, the spook was able to access everything stored on the SIM, including, I imagine, photos. Is this a realistic method to use? It looks simple but can I actually buy this type of device at, for example, ASDA? Any advice given in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  rdave13 21:46 04 May 2012

What phone? What provider?

  AroundAgain 22:58 04 May 2012

I transfer photos/video's from mobile to PC by removing the memory stick in the mobile and, using an adaptor (from ebay) am then able to connect it via usb, which then shows up as a removable drive.

I then just 'click and drag' to my hard disk to copy them over.

Hope that helps you

  AroundAgain 23:00 04 May 2012

Should have mentioned, you need to be sure the photos are on the memory stick and not the phone memory.

If you have the cables etc for the mobile, it would be worth checking out the user manual as you can, no doubt, use that method too.

  john bunyan 23:28 04 May 2012

Many phones have a micro SD card. You have to st the phone to record photos to the card, not the phone's memory. Then the micro SD is put into a carrier SD (same size as normal ones) . Then you can use an ASDA type card reader for £4 or so.

  Woolwell 23:43 04 May 2012

Without knowing the make and model of the phone it is difficult to advise.

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