How to transfer photos from camera to Apple i Pad air

  ponytail 13:28 29 Apr 2015

My wife is having trouble trying to transfer the photos on her camera to her Apple I pad Air.She has tried several card readers.She has now been told she needs a wireless card reader.When she tried her last one it worked the first time but then said it was not compatible.Her camera is a Samsung WB35F and the last card reader she tried was a KiwiBird 5 in 1 camera card reader.I cannot see a model number on either the item or the package.Can someone advise as to what card reader is suitable.Thank's

  SparkyJack 13:41 29 Apr 2015

Transferring images from one 'platform to anno the is simply done by email as attahment as to yourself the downloading n the desired destination.

So we in your wife's case, connect the camera to a non Mac machine. Or a Mac with normal USB to send the images out.

  john bunyan 14:02 29 Apr 2015

Assuming you back up your Apple iPad is backed up on your PC, and your music etc is in iTunes. I also assume you transfer your photos to your PC in folders such as "My pictures" with sub folders. If so I suggest you create a folder called, say, "iPad photos". Then put the photos you want in there. Attach the iPad , in iTunes (having ensured in "edit", "preferences", "devices" that "do not automatically synch" is selected. Then you can decide whch music, etc you want to synch, and there should be a "photos" option so you can indicate the "iPad photos" folder you created.

To transfer photos from camera to PC I always use a separate card reader so as to avoid having to install new camera software every time you buy a new camera.

  Newuser4165 14:45 29 Apr 2015

My wife had a similar problem with an ipad 2 some years ago.We bought a camera and usb connecter kit(Apple) for about £30.The card reader connected perfectly with the ipad .However,the usb adapter wouldn't work as the usb had been disabled by Apple for power issues so unable to use any usb device.Did think of returning connectors to Apple as "not of mercantable quality" and "not fit for purpose" but didn't bother in the end.

My daughter has bought an ipad air 2 and got a lightning connector with a usb end to it to enable her to transfer photos on an sd card to the air2 hopefully by using a usb sd card reader - these readers are available for about £2.

  rdave13 20:28 29 Apr 2015

We just use OneDrive. There's a free app for Apple. Upload to OD on the PC and download on the iPad. As SparkyJack said you could also email a few.

  ponytail 09:53 02 May 2015

My wife has just bought the following which is according to the box a RAVPOWER Firehub Wireless SD Card Reader Model number RP-WD01.I have just had a quick look at the instructions and saw the following. Download Software "RAVPOWER Filehub Download the software from Create a shortcut icon for the software on your main screen. I am not sure what to do Where do I go to download this software on the ipad

  ponytail 09:55 02 May 2015

This is the site to download from

  john bunyan 10:39 02 May 2015

See my post of 29 April 2.02 pm. Far easier. I suspect the software to which you refer needs to go onto your PC- for iPads, an App is the usual software.

  Pine Man 11:39 02 May 2015

rdave 13 is spot on.

Install OneDrive, which is free, on both devices and comes with 15GB storage free of charge.

Download photos from your camera onto your PC then upload them to OneDrive. Open OneDrive on your iPad and download the photos onto your iPad.

In my experience OneDrive is the best cloud program when using both a PC and Apple..

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